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26 Most Anticipated 2022 Releases in the First Half of the Year | #TopTenTuesday 319

It is the start of the new year with Top Ten Tuesday and of course we are looking at upcoming releases. We all know I can’t choose to save my life so lets just get into it.


11 – Battle of the Linguist Mages by Scotto Moore
11 – Crimes and Covers (Magical Bookshop Mystery 5) by Amanda Flower
18 – Seven Mercies (Seven Devils 2) by Elizabeth May and Laura Lam
18 – Servant Mage by Kate Elliott
25 – A Letter to Three Witches by Elizabeth Bass


01 – In the Serpent’s Wake (Tess of the Road 2) by Rachel Hartman
01 – Amari and the Great Game (Supernatural Investigations 2) by B.B. Alston
15 – Stars and Bones by Gareth L. Powell
15 – Reclaim the Stars. Edited by Zoraida Cordova
22 – The Paradox Hotel by Rob Hart
22 – The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh
22 – Only a Monster by Vanessa Len
24 – Wild Sign (Alpha and Omega 6) by Patricia Briggs


01 – Kelcie Murphy and the Academy for the Unbreakable Arts by Erika Lewis
01 – Witchlings by Claribel A. Ortega
08 – Crowbones (The Others 8) by Anne Bishop
08 – Lakelore by Anna-Maria McLemore
15 – Ogres by Adrian Tchaikovsky
22 – The City of Dusk (The Dark Gods 1) by Tara Sim


The Hunger of the Gods (The Bloodsworn Saga 2) by John Gwynne +
05 – In a Garden Burning Gold by Rory Power


17 – From Bad to Cursed (The Witches of Thistle Grove 2) by Lana Harper


06 – Always Practice Safe Hex (Stay a Spell 4) by Julliette Cross
14 – The Grief of Stones (The Cemeteries of Almelo 2) by Katherine Addison
21 – Soul Taken (Mercy Thompson 13) by Patricia Briggs
21 – Locklands (The Founders 3) by Robert Jackson Bennett

+ Not sure this book will at all come out in 2022. His daughter recently passed away and he deserves to take as much time as he needs.

40 thoughts on “26 Most Anticipated 2022 Releases in the First Half of the Year | #TopTenTuesday 319

    1. I tried limiting myself to 10 for a while with these lists but then I just let it go haha.
      I did read A Letter to Three Witches, it wasn’t as fun as I wanted it to be.


  1. Great list! I’m wondering though if there’s a new edition for Wild Sign coming out in Feb? Because I read it last year and it was pretty awesome. Perhaps it’s an illustrated edition (one can hope)!

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