Looking Back at My Own Reading Challenges of this Year

We have a few days left of the year and so it seems like a good idea to look back at the own reading challenges I hosted. Honestly the general consensus seems to be I sucked this year, haha.

Lets start with Turtle Recall of who I am using the new banner in this post.

level 3 10-15 books

Well I miserably bombed that. My count for 2021 is 4 of which 2 are rereads. Not what I was hoping for to be honest. I could throw about a lot of excuses from my year but the biggest is that I just did not prioritize them. I prioritized arcs and not Discworld. I hope to get a better balance in 2022 again.

Nanny Ogg’s CookbookCompanion Book
Mort Turtle Recall Readalong Book
Men At Arms Turtle Recall Readalong Book
Hogfather Turtle Recall Readalong Book

Another reading challenge that I failed at was Let Us Read Middle Grade. I wanted to read 30. I ended up reading 11. That is so much less than what I got to in 2020 (22). Again, I just did not prioritize. Some years are just like that. Like Turtle Recall I am going to be rehosting this in 2022. I would just like another crack at it. These were the ones that I DID read.

Book Reviewed
Tilly and the Map of Stories
Duftapotheke 4
Duftapotheke 5
Over the Woodward Wall x
Dragons in a Bag x
Amari and the Night Brothers
The Weirn Books vol 1x
Rea and the Blood of Nectar x
Nora and the Sacred Stones x
The Book of Stolen Dreams x
Tiril en de Toverdrank

Did you have any reading goals or own hosted reading challenges in 2021? How did they go?

10 thoughts on “Looking Back at My Own Reading Challenges of this Year

  1. The only challenge I was successful with this year was Read Christie 2021. I managed to get all 12 prompts. I’m looking forward to participating in it again next year. It’s run by the official Agatha Christie website.

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      1. Miss Marple isn’t my favorite, but Agatha Christie wrote so many books, it’s not hard to find one you’ll enjoy.

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  2. I didn’t do any challenges other than the Goodreads one, but that’s because I’m a huge mood reader and often horrible at challenges. Sometimes other books are prioritized and that’s okay, better luck next year 🙂

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  3. I didn’t host anything this year, even though I had tossed around thoughts to maybe host a monthly readalong. I’m thinking of moving that to next spring, though, so we’ll see. I joined a few reading challenges, though, and had mixed success with those. (Including at least one that I completely forgot about after 2/3 of the year…)

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