Signing Up for the SpaceTime Reading Challenge 2022

On the day that I am writing this I think I’ve read around 12 sci-fi books in 2021. Which sounds decent until you put it again the 100+ books I’ve read. Fantasy is always going to be my go to genre. It is where I feel most comfortable. But I think that I do need to give sci-fi a bigger chance. I do tend to like what I do pick up and it has some of my favorite authors like Becky Chambers and Martha Wells. So there is that.

For that reason I am siging up with the SpaceTime Reading Challenge in 2022. It is being hosted by Jemima Pett. Click the link to go to the sign-up post. But the basics are simple.

  • Read any book that is sci-fi or fits in the time travel genres.
  • Non-Fiction doesn’t count.
  • Make a goal post
  • Novella’s can count if they are over 100+ pages


So there are 4 levels. Planet Hopper (5 books), Interstellar Explorer (10 Books), Galactic Navigator (20 books) and To Infinity and Beyond (40 books).

I will be going for level 3 Galactic Navigator, but if it goes well I’d like to up it To Infinity and Beyond. But we shall see. I was very ambitious last year and we all know how that worked out in the end. A quick count tells me I have about 15-20 physical sci-fi books and I will probably add more in 2022 so I should be fine that way in being able to hit the numbers.

18 thoughts on “Signing Up for the SpaceTime Reading Challenge 2022

  1. I can’t believe you read 100+ books, that’s AMAZING!!

    Well, I was here to ask something too 🙂

    The year has gone by so fast… I wanted to invite you to write your “Year in Books Post” and link up at my Meme Page!
    I remember you doing that in an earlier version of my meme, so I wanted to invite you to participate again!!

    I can’t wait to read your Year in Books 🙂

    Esther @BiteIntoBooks

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  2. I’m glad you found Spacetimereads! I’m a fan of Becky Chambers too. Must check out Martha Wells. And I only crept to Interstellar Explorer this year, again…I would need to include non-fiction to do more, but I don’t think that’s right for a reading challenge 🙂
    Good luck with 2022!

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  3. I really want to read more sci-fi, too. Though lately it has been hard for me to tell the difference between sci-fi and horror, and I really don’t like horror, so that’s probably part of why I’ve been reading less sci-fi than I want to. (Though there are some series I know are not on the horror-side which I just haven’t read yet, so I guess I have no excuse after all.)

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    1. Hi Nicole – I run the spacetimereads challenge. I don’t like horror! There’s lots of scifi which doesn’t involve horror, or spacewars (although there is a lot that does!). Come along and join in – you can always ask for recommendations (or check my scifi shelf on goodreads) 🙂


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