Show Your Bujo Theme | October, November and December 2021

I know I know. I completely slacked off on my own monthly post about my bullet journal. But you might have noticed I had a bit of a harder time and taking the time to create the spreads and fill them in and then take photos and plan in a blog post about it was just a bit too much for me at the time. But I am here now to share with you what I did in my bujo for the last 3 months of 2021.

There will not be any filled in photos because I also slacked in filling in some of my trackers and filling them in 2 weeks after does not work at all I can tell you, ha.


So this was October. Halloween obviously. Not happy with how some of the illustrations turned out but I do like the ideas I had.


November is as always Sci-Fi Month themed. I really like how the astronaut on the last page turned out. But otherwise I’m fairly meh about this spread.


And lastly December is of course Christmas themed. Less pages and a little simpler but I like it. Especially the spread where to count the pages I read per day. I will probably use something like that more often.

Currently I am working on my set up for my 2022 bujo and I’m about ready to start painting it. I’ll make a post about that in January.

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