Did I Read My Fall TBR?

Winter is really coming close to us and with coming Tuesday being a Winter TBR for Top Ten Tuesday I am back on reflecting how my tbr went in the last 3 months.

As you can see it is a bit half half. I’ve read five of the books. Four of them I have not read. Inhibitor Phase has a cross because I dnf-ed that one. Not too bad this round but it could have been better. I struggled with my reading throughout most of the season and because of that arcs were a bigger focus than other books. As you can see. The top row are all arcs. The bottom are owned books. It wasn’t until November that I picked up quite a few more books and then I lead myself be lead by mood reads instead of what I had on a tbr. And these just weren’t on it. I needed some easier reads to outbalance some of the arcs that just had some heavier topics.

How did your Fall reading go?

6 thoughts on “Did I Read My Fall TBR?

  1. I had to look for my Fall TBR. I finished 6 and DNF 1 out of the 10, not too bad. I have no idea what I’m going to put on my Winter TBR. I may focus on the ARCs I have to read in the coming year.

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