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Online Resources for Book Lovers (of Which I Use Three) | #TopTenTuesday 309

For today we are talking about online resources for book lovers for Top Ten Tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl). I have to say that I don’t use a whole lot of online resources. I’m fairly limited in what I use for what. And I’m not going to mention platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter because they get so much attention already. And I don’t really see them as a resource (the people on it are).

The Three I Use


As much as I sometimes diss at Goodreads it is still the website I use most to update my reading progress. It is just easy to use and the place where most readers still hang out. Feel free to friend me.


The newer site to update your reading progress and get a lot of stats. There is a lot that I love there. Add me!

Trigger Warning Database

Now that they are also on Goodreads I don’t use the website as much since I can see their list of trigger warnings for books I’m reading on goodreads if they have them. But it is still a super useful site.


What Should I Read Next?

A website that will help you with choosing your next read!

Project Gutenberg

Ebooks that are in the public domain (in the US) anyway.


You can leave books out in public with a code for others to find and log into the bookcrossing site.

29 thoughts on “Online Resources for Book Lovers (of Which I Use Three) | #TopTenTuesday 309

    1. I still need to look more into it for my own country, if I could use it for books i’m culling from my shelves and all.
      And agreed, no website is perfect.


  1. I need to check out the trigger warning database.

    My list—

    Happy TTT!


  2. Oh wow, didn’t knew about book crossing, that is so nice!! as we’re a rather small area, I don’t think it’s available to me unfortunately.

    Also seconding the trigger warning database, doesthedogdies also works for books! aswell as movies & tv shows.

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  3. Oh, wow! So many cool sites 😍 I love the sound of BookCrossing and What Should I Read Next?! I will definitely have to check that one out sooner rather than later! The Trigger Warning Database on GR is also something that I’ve started to look up for books that I’m interested in—such an amazing resource!

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  4. Goodreads gebruik ik al een hele tijd maar het enige andere van jouw lijstje dat ik af en toe raadpleeg is What should I read next. Toen ik dat net ontdekt had heb ik het best vaak gebruikt om nieuwe auteurs en boeken te ontdekken binnen de genres die ik graag las.

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