Good to Meetcha | Book Tag

Last Sunday Imyril popped up with a book tag on her blog and I decided that today was a good day to have a go at it. It was recently created by Mayri from The Book Forages and you can find the questions and rules here.

What’s that in your bag? (Also, what kind of bag do you carry? No bag? What’ve you got in your pockets?)

So I have a mint green cheap Ikea backpack. I used to have a lot of messenger style bags but with my neck issues in previous years and needing all kinds of crap because of a kid, that wasn’t in the cards. Maybe in the future again.

So what is in it? My car papers, wipes, my wallet, sunglasses. An orange whistle form kiddo. Lip Balm, hand gel, pens, hair ribbons, mask, and plasters of miffy.

(Also do you keep a notebook, and if yes, can I see it? What do you keep in it?)

Not in my bag. There is of course my bujo and then my new bujo (for 2022) that I working on. But I also have a random notebook I take with my to markets for my little shop and there is so much random shit in there. Things I want to make, sales, blog stuff, rough sketches of things I want to draw.

What’s the one book you recommend remorselessly to anyone who’ll listen?

Bartimaeus books by Jonathan Stroud.

Tell me a funny story about yourself (extra marks if it involves books)

Do you have any favourite words?

I don’t think so haha.

Tell me about a favourite book from your childhood

Probably the Suitcase Kid by Jacquiline Wilson. It was about a kid whose parents were getting divorced and she had to go to her dad one half of the week and the other half to her mom. And then they get new partners with kids and it was just so confusing for her. This wasn’t anything that happened in my life but I think that is why it interested me so.

Do you like the smell of books?

Not when I was pregnant but otherwise yes.

What’s the weirdest book you’ve ever read? (And would you recommend it?)

The weirdest book I’ve finished is Escaping Exodus. I am still baffled by it.

Sooo … how do you feel about dragons?

Have you met me at all?

What are you looking forward to right now?

Something fun on the horizon that I can’t really talk about yet. Just the fact that I got thought of for it makes me happy.

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