Show Your Bujo Theme

Show Your Bujo Theme | September 2021

We are already well into October (my birthday has already passed when this posts) but here is my bujo of September. I again struggled with a theme and I am not sure I am a 100 with parts of this.

So my September Bujo Theme was:


Castles was a bit of a random decision and I’m overal not happy with how this cover page turned out.

I do like this mood tracker a whole lot better. Reminds me of disney.

I went with a different kind of tracker. A tetris kind of tracker which was a lot of fun.

All the books read and page tracker. Fairly straight forward.

And of course my magical readathon tracking page. This instead of a tbr page since that was going to be my tbr anyway.

Filled In

10 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme | September 2021

  1. I think your cover page for September is beautiful! My BUJO is nothing to brag about. And ironically, spread over 3 different “journals.” The one I started with is mainly a calendar where I add my to-do lists and track my pages read each week. The second one is a bit more elaborate, and where I track my reading stats (both monthly and daily) and my mood. I didn’t plan it out properly, so in September, I had to start another for my monthly stats.

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    1. Thank you ❤

      I would still love to see. People like mine but I don't always like mine. We are our own worst enemies sometimes. I love the clean look some can create. I am chaos, I never manage.

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      1. I think I’ll do a wrap up near the end of December, and try to share some of journaling.


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