#Goodreadance 2021 & Blog Maintenance

Last year Shealea started a spring cleaning challenge of goodreads called Goodreadance. She is bringing that back this year and you can easily combine that with your physical book shelves as she is doing or blog maintenance as I am going to be doing. This runs from now to the end of November so plenty of time for goals.

Blog maintenance is something I’ve struggled with. I’ve always focused more on writing posts and blog hopping (early years) than I did on blog maintenance. It didn’t help that I’ve had to switch through a few image hosting sites and redo all broken image links 3 times. There are still so many from the last time.

But I want to get my blog back up to shape and as I do so start with a different look for the blog as well. I’ve had the butterfly and these colors for a while. But I feel like it is time for a new look with my own illustrations and my favorite yellow color (with purple). So that is something I’d like to be doing and it seems like a good thing to combine.

Goodreadance 2021

September, October, November

⌘ Go Through My TBR Owned and Ebook TBR Shelves and update them.
⌘ Reshape My Shelves from 44 to around 20.
⌘ Cull books from my want to read shelf to under 300.
⌘ Go through previous reading challenge years and see if there are reviews I need to add.

I have a very handy TBR owned shelf and ebook tbr shelf of books that I actually own. However I really need to properly go through these and update them. Some books are on there that I’ve culled. Others aren’t on there. Its a confusing mess. I also have 44 shelves and that is just too many. A few years ago I thought it would be handy but I’m kind of over it. I want different kind of shelves now though I still have to sort through about what I find important. I mean having a fantasy/sci-fi shelf is awesome but also that is what I mainly read anyway so meh.

It is also so easy to add books to your want to read shelf but that numbers just keeps on growing. I have 427 on there and I’d like to get it below 300 at least. I can’t actually want to read that many books right away next to the books I already own lol. And lastly if I have time I’d like to see if there are some reviews I missed adding to goodreads. Especially at the start of my blogging time I often forgot to add reviews for books I read on goodreads. I’m a lot more organized these days.

Redo Blog Look


⌘ Finish illustrations
⌘ Figure out the balance between the colors yellow and purple
⌘ Make topic banners for reoccurring items
⌘ Make blog banner
⌘ Make new Blog dividers and Name for below topics.

A lot of things to prepare. I won’t do the full roll out of the blog look until December/January I expect but I want to have these things down so I can do them along with the blog maintenance I’m planning on starting.

Blog Maintenance

October: 2015
November: 2016

⌘ Update graphics
⌘ Delete blog posts that have no point anymore
⌘ Update reviews to current layout
⌘ Update summary of posts for front page for reviews
⌘ Fix broken links
⌘ Fix broken images
⌘ Add Correct Tags and Categories
⌘ Update lists to make more current
⌘ Update blog roll
⌘ Update review index

A lot of little things but it adds up if you don’t ever do them.

Do you do a lot of blog maintenance?

17 thoughts on “#Goodreadance 2021 & Blog Maintenance

  1. I never do blog maintenance and now I feel like maybe I should. I actually deleted a review just recently of a book I did for a blog tour years ago. I didn’t like the book and the blog tour was a bad experience so I don’t know why I left it up so long! Good luck with everything, I can’t wait to see your new blog design😁

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  2. Great post! I feel like my blog has been a hot mess lately especially with all the graphics as I’ve changed them twice now but I feel like I want to change them already (yes, again) and it’s giving me a headache 😂 But I agree it’s important, especially updating old links and making sure all my old posts are still readable and nice. I’ve also been trying to sort my GR shelves but instead of cutting down on shelves I feel like I’m adding more? Haha, I’m probably trying to be too specific but I know I want shelves to help me remember what certain books are about (especially for the weekly memes). Maybe I’ll do the same as you over the next few months to get my blog and GR feeling more sorted! Good luck and I can’t wait to see your new look 😍

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  3. Great post! I do blog maintenance every now and again… but not often enough I fear. Though, I did recently migrate my book reviews from my old site to my active one, and when I did that I did review all the posts for content to make sure that I didn’t have anything posted (in those posts) that I no longer wanted up. I look forward to seeing your art on the blog!

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  4. I told myself I was going to keep on top of my blog maintenance but I’ve let it slip a bit recently. I think since I’m taking a break from writing, I might use the time to work on maintenance and updates.

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  5. Eigenlijk niet en misschien moet ik daar wel eens werk van maken maar anderzijds vraag ik me dan weer af hoe vaak mensen nog op de echt oudere blogposts komen. Ik heb wel een keer een aantal posts verwijderd waarvan ik niet zeker was of ik door de gebruikte afbeeldingen (mét bronvermelding) in de problemen zou kunnen komen. Dat waren vooral blogposts over bijzondere bibliotheken en boekwinkels. Maar ik heb het uiteindelijk niet geriskeerd en gewoon heel wat oudere posts verwijderd. Ik ben trouwens heel benieuwd naar je nieuwe lay-out maar ben (dat zal je waarschijnlijk niet verbazen) sowieso al fan van de kleurencombinatie die je in gedachten hebt. Mijn lay-out zal voorlopig nog een tijdje hetzelfde blijven vermits ik er nog steeds heel gelukkig mee ben.

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    1. Waar. Het ligt er ook echt aan in hoeverre je posts omhoog komen bij google. Zo komt mijn review van Hex van de begin jaren behoorlijk vaak omhoog blijkbaar (als ik naar mijn stats kijk).


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