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Favorite Characters from My 2019-2020 Reading | #TopTenTuesday 303

Once again I am changing the topic for today’s top ten tuesday, as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. We are meant to be talking about fictional crushes. I do not have those. I do have characters that I really like and love. But as a grown ass woman of 33 it is not right to start naming young characters from books as my crush. Especially from young adult books that is just a whole lot of creepy.

So instead I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite characters that I met during 2019-2020.


from the Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells
Murderbot was just what I needed in 2019. They express the feelings of an introvert so well and they make such funny little quips here and there while still caring. I loved meeting them and still being able to follow them on their journey.


from The Sword of Kaigen by M.L. Wang
It might be because I am a mom but Misaki resonated so much with me. There is so much about Misaki, more than meets the eye.

Nathaniel and Silas

from The Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson
Nathaniel is such a cinnamon roll. Seriously. And his relationship with Silas, his caretaker, is such a beautiful thing. It warmed my heart.


from The Green Bone Saga by Fonda Lee
My extra favorite cinnamon roll Anden. I love him so much and I wish him all the good things. And I want to smash some heads in for him you know. The usual. I am afraid for the conclusion to this trilogy coming at the end of the year.


from The Winnowing Flame by Jen Williams
Look I love the soft cinnamon rolls okay. Aldasair is another. He is kind and caring and smart.


from The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison
Oh Maia you were such a little gem. Trying to put your best effort in, in this very strange world of politicial intrigue.

Mercy Thompson

from Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs
Mercy is just such a lovely but fierce shapeshifting coyote. She tries to keep up her walls but all these people keep weaseling themselves into her life.

Sam Vimes

From Discworlds City Watch arc by Terry Pratchett
A cynical old man that knows that doing the right thing often doesn’t exist in Ankh-Morpork. He’s just trying to live his life here. But then there are dragons..

Moist von Lipwig

from Discworlds Moist von Lipwig Arc by Terry Pratchett
A con man who gets riled into the politics of the patrician of Ank-Morpork. It makes him popular and likeable. Who knew? Maybe he can even do the right thing for a change. I loved every bit of that narrative.


from Hell’s Library by A.J. Hackwith
As much as I love the other characters Hero has alway stood out to me. As a runaway character from an unwritten book he takes up such an interesting position. Because, is he real now that he is out of the book? Shouldn’t he get a chance at a life? And he is such a cynical litlte prickly cinnamon roll you just want to hug him.

24 thoughts on “Favorite Characters from My 2019-2020 Reading | #TopTenTuesday 303

  1. “ut as a grown ass woman of 33” haha I thought of that too when I was making my list. I was like- do I HAVE fictional crushes? Maybe on some shows but yeah it was kinda weird. πŸ™‚

    Murderbot is the best!

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  2. I do have *many* fictional crushes from the adult romances I read (πŸ˜‚) but I went the same route as you for today’s TTT but I focused on books I read this year. I had Anden (and the rest of the clan) and Murderbot on my list as well. Nathaniel and Silas would definitely make it on there if I looked at books from last year. Great list 😍

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