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The Renewal of The Magical Readathon!

One readathon I always eagerly awaited was the Magical Readathon by Book Roast. Though I was never the biggest Harry Potter fan, the work she put into the whole readathon and the backgrounds to make this all fun for us was amazing. Last year everything blew up around J.K. Rowling for her terf opinions and G decided that she couldn’t in good conscience keep the readathon going based on Harry Potter. You can hear her talk about it here.

She let us know she would be basing the magical readathon on an own world starting this year, but we hadn’t heard anything for a while. Until this August.

This September the Magical Readathon starts once more! And this time we are going to a completely new world. Orilium. Again, G has put so much work into this and I am happy that she has chosen to step away from Harry Potter. She has so much creativity, she doesn’t need it to create things.

This first month is kind of a prequel where we take the path towards the school. Next year we will be starting our first year. It gives us time to get to know the world and people that are in it. And we get to take our time to decide what our character is going to be like. You can find all the documents and info from the video in this doc folder she’s created.

Anyway I am excited.

The Character

G created a Scholar’s Key where you can create your character on (see the document folder). Some we can’t fill in yet like the guild and all that, but if I understood correctly, she’ll be asking questions or giving us a story on youtube/twitter where we have to make choices that will mean something for those parts? Or it might not be until the first year haha. My attention is hard to hold with videos these days.

I have made some decisions regarding my character however.

I have chosen to be Annemieke, a novice from Darkmeadow. As an iltirian I find the books and texts very important and it is one of my passions for studying. I live on the edge of the Iltirian society with my family, considered a wildling versus living in one of the more urban parts of the underground of Darkmeadow. Dwarfs are no strangers to us. I have an affinity for shapeshifting (cat), creating illusions and blood magic. That last is why we live more on the edge of our people.

Which means that for the character creation I have to fulfill the following prompts.

PromptDescription Book
WildlingRead a book largely set in a forest/outside
DarkmeadowRead a dark academia The Last Graduate
Iltirian Book with a crow on the cover/title or a red book

These don’t have to be completed in September but can take until the first year starts next year in April. So I can just see what fits.

The Path

Our path to the academy has 7 stops but we only need to complete 2 of the prompts to complete this challenge. It is very easy to step into this readathon. I haven’t quite decided on all the books I want to read for each prompt but I’ll get there.

Prompt DescriptionBook
Novice Path Entrance Read a book with a map
Ashtorn Tree A book that keeps tempting you
The Mist of SolitudeRead a standalone
Ruin of the Skye Read a book featuring ghosts/haunted house or other supernatural elementsBlack Water Sister
Obsidian Falls Read a thriller or a mystery book
Tower of RuminationRead a 5 star prediction The Book of Dragons
Orilium Academy Book with a school setting The Last Graduate

Are you going to participate?

11 thoughts on “The Renewal of The Magical Readathon!

  1. Ja! Ik neem zeker deel. Mijn blog heb ik helaas weer een tijdje verwaarloosd, maar misschien krijg ik toch nog mijn post online vandaag of morgen 🙂
    Mijn personage heb ik nog totaal niet gemaakt. Ik dacht dit een van de komende maanden te doen, gezien ik in september ook wil mee doen aan Becca’s bookoplathon en het anders wat te zwaar wordt.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been away from the book blogosphere for so long, I had no clue this amazing read-a-thon was happening. Not sure if I will have the time to join it, but I will take a look at it. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 Also, your character is so pretty! *.*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ik heb het filmpje nog steeds niet bekeken. Vlogs lijken echt mijn ding niet te zijn. Enerzijds spreekt het me wel aan (ook al mis ik dus wel het Harry Potter jasje) maar doordat het lezen nog steeds zo moeizaam gaat lijkt een challenge me momenteel veel minder aan te spreken.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Het zijn ook echt behoorlijk lange filmpjes. Ik moet ook nog even terug kijken voor wat dingen voor mijn personage maken dat aan het einde van de maand kwam maar daar heb ik nog geen zin in


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