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Yes it is that time of the year again. Merijn turns 5 this year! Technically not until 9.00 pm tonight but don’t tell him that, haha.

His first year of school has happened in this last year. There have been ups and downs (looking at you covid) but overal he has done super great at school. Better than expected. As you might know, I’ve mentioned things here and there, I suspect he is autistic. It is not something I talk about a lot in detail because this blog is about books and this part is about him. I don’t want him to find whole blogs about his autism when he grows older and learns to navigate internet. I don’t think its anything bad either. I just wish sometimes the world was more accommedating or that I could help him better.

But I also don’t want to not talk about him, after all he is such a big part of my life (and super proud of him), so I mention things here and there. And I like celebrating each year of his life on the blog. After all he came to me as I already had this blog and many of you have been here since the start or the baby years.

His first schoolday versus the last one (they were allowed to dress up). Look at how that face has changed. He had such a baby face when he first started and you can just see more maturity in the second photo. It is so weird to see sometimes.

He is going to second grade (kindergarten, our grade 3 is USA grade 1 I think) this year. It will be interesting to see how he will continue to develop.

Happy birthday my very sweet buddy. I love you so much ā¤

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