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While this is my book blog where I talk about books, you might have seen that I have an etsy shop for my illustrations. My products are generally at least 50% bookish. I am not very good at the whole propaganda thing of myself. But this is also my space and as this is bookish I feel I am totally allowed to show you guys what I have been making! Also I would love to see any of your crafts so please link them down below! Yes also your etsy shops and such.

Click on the banner above and you will go to my etsy shop. Now we have that out of the way, lets get into some of the things I’ve been creating. I want to focus on the four kind of bookmarks I make. Something fun for everyone. 😉

Illustrated Bookmarks

I started with creating illustrated bookmarks. A bit hesitant at first but as time passed I’ve grown more confident in what I make on the bookmarks. I try out different things. Varying sizes for instance. And I do custom bookmarks if I don’t have exactly what you want.

They are made on white or creme carton, hand drawn on so each is unique. I color these with alcohol markers. And I put another (colored) carton to the back that also adds a border. It makes them more sturdy. But also it hides the colored markers that press through the paper. It is why they are one sided as well.

Some recent bookmarks I’ve created and are up on etsy.

Hand Painted Bookmarks

Something new I have been making, on a bit of a whim honestly, are hand painted bookmarks. I did a course by a Dutch artist that teaches you the basics of water color painting. I never thought I’d be able to paint but since doing the course I’ve really been enjoying myself and experimenting with what kind of things I can make and paint. I’m even making paintings so yeay me.

These kind of bookmarks are made on aquarel or mixed media paper. Sometimes I add fineliner but not always. I also put a colored carton to the back that creates a border because the aquarel paper isn’t super sturdy on its own.

Metal Bookmarks

One thing I’ve always found interesting and I’ve always wanted to try my hand at were metal bookmarks. And since I was already stepping out of my comfort zone with the market I figured I’d step even further and create something that is very much away from my illustrating for once. Metal bookmarks. I have about two sizes. Small ones that work for small paperbacks and bigger ones that are great for hardcovers and bigger paperbacks. I just also wanted to make some dragon ones because we need more of those!

Elastic Bookmarks

And while I was at it why didn’t I try some elastic bookmarks? Though figuring out exactly what I needed for the elastic band to connect with the metal was a trail and error kind of thing. And I still struggle a little with the size.

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