Show Your Bujo Theme | June & July 2021

I don’t even know how it happened but I just completely missed posting my june bujo on here. So as to keep up I’m just going to combine june and july. Which kind of works out in a weird way because I messed up somewhere anyway. But you will see that later!

My June bujo theme was:


A little late into May I decided I was going with this theme. It just fit with the upcoming warm weather.

A simple cover page for june with an illustration

I did a little something different here. I made a Dutch door. Dutch doors originally were just pages with a horizontal cut but now a days any page with a cut is called a Dutch door in bujoing. As you can see in the picture above. I cut off apart of the page. And I made the extra tracker I’ve added onto this tiny page.

Here you see the other side that I used to make the Daily Gratitude a little wider than just a page.

My other trackers are now lovely turtles. I love it.

And here we have the books read and daily pages spread. A bit of a different idea for the daily pages.

And the sea horse with my tbr page.

Filled In

My July bujo theme was:

Ice Cream!

And you can see the mistake right away. I pul down June instead of July. Ugh. Oh well. I also forgot to take a picture of the daily gratitude page empty.

Here is my mood tracker and mindfit tracker.

Simple movement and drinking tracker

My to be read page and pages read tracker. I didn’t really know what to draw for the pages read tracker so this one is quite random.

I quite like the lettering I did on this for a change.

Filled In

11 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme | June & July 2021

  1. Hihi, iedere keer dat ik hier jouw bujo lay-outs aan het bewonderen ben vind ik mezelf een luierik. Maar anderzijds is tekenen echt mijn ding niet én kan ik nu wel al mijn Harry Potter washitape, stickers en prentjes gebruiken. 🙂

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