If You Would Come and Visit Us

Back in June I saw a fun post at Zon en Maan. It was a if you would come and visit me post where she shared personal things you could see if you actually visited their house. I thought that was a great idea for a personal post and decided to jump right into it as well.

If you would come and visit us…you would first see all the yellow

Have I ever mentioned that yellow is my favorite color? Well you can’t unsee it when you visit our house. Parts of the window frame and the front door are painted yellow. The hallway has a darker version of yellow. A lot of the door frames and plinths are softer yellow in our living room. Downstairs especially we use a lot of yellow in combination with creme on the walls. I just like how bright it feels.

If you would come and visit us…you would notice all the bookish bits in our house.

I really don’t hide that I am a reader. There are quotes and things around the house and of course I have 4 very big bookshelves. I can alway see when a reader visits my home for the first time because they instantly gravitate towards all the books haha.

If you would come and visit us…you would notice right away we have a kid.

There are toys everywhere. We don’t have a very big house and Merijn has a lot of stuff. So you can find toys and children’s books all around the house. In front of the house there are now some toys, a bike and a little scooter. He is playing outside a lot with water and toys. You can also often see sidewalk chalk in front of our house from Merijn or from the other neighborhood kids.

If you would come and visit us…you would notice our cats

While they aren’t always very fond of visitors they don’t know, they are also very curious. And especially when the front door is open, they like to peak out into our street and show themselves. They also seem to like to keep a watch on Merijn. It is kind of funny. Aiko (black one) will especially stand out as she only has one eye left over. She is doing great though! She has been catching mouses just fine with just that one eye.

If you would come and visit us…you would see all my art suplies

As I’ve said, we have a rather small house and so I don’t have a room to craft in. I do this at the dining room table in the back. And since that is the room you enter to get to our living room most people will see the art supplies on display. I think its fine to show what I love to do. Not everything should be hidden away in a cabinet. Thats not really who we are anyway.

If you would come and visit us…you would see the vegetable and fruit plants we have in the back garden

Merijn loves watching things grow. Especially the strawberry plants are his favorite. But this year we also have green beans, cucumber, tomatoes and a small melon plant. We also have some sunflowers that he got seeds from school for. They aren’t blooming but are growing greatly in length.

Is there anything else that you would like to know about me or my house?

14 thoughts on “If You Would Come and Visit Us

  1. I cant get over your door. You would never see such a cool door in the U.S., not with the window above the door like that. And I love the yellow๐Ÿ˜

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    1. Haha. There are a lot of doors like that over here. Fun to see the differences between countries like that. Though yellow is a bit different, even for this country haha.


  2. Zo leuk om te zien. Ik weet dat ik er zelf ooit eentje (ondertussen misschien zelfs al twee) heb gemaakt over hoe je bij ons kon zien dat er een booknerd/potterhead woont maar wanneer je door ons huis wandelt zie je uiteraard ook nog andere zaken. Ik vind jullie gele voordeur trouwens geweldig. Die ziet er zo uitnodigend uit.

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