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Book Titles That Are Questions That Interest Me | #TopTenTuesday 296

As you might have noticed I skipped last weeks top ten tuesday (and you all know that rarely happens). But prepping for a market is hard work you all.

For today’s Top Ten Tuesday post (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) we are talking about book titles that are questions. Initially I wasn’t very drawn to this prompt. Then I got thinking and nothing sprung right to mind. So of course then I had to go out and search my read books. And I could fine none which is kind of sad. So here are a few I’d like to read or that interest me.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? | Where’s My Cow? | Your Coffin or Mine? | What Could Possibly Go Wrong? | What’s a Ghould to Do? |

18 thoughts on “Book Titles That Are Questions That Interest Me | #TopTenTuesday 296

  1. Ik ga er eens op letten nu ik mijn boekendatabank aan het aanvullen ben maar volgens mij heb ik geen leesboeken met een vraag als titel. Het enige dat me te binnenschiet is een klein non-fictie boekje met de titel “So you think you’re a bookworm?”

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