Reading Challenges and Goals | Quarter 2

Here I am with my next quaterly update on my reading challenges and goals of the year. You might have caught on from my monthly wrap ups that I’ve been struggling balancing life. I am doing a lot better mood wise but I am still struggling to really get everything back on track and it shows a lot in these updates.

On the other hand, I’m trying to give myself a break. I’m also prepping for my very first market with my items from my etsy shop and a lot of things are just happening overal. And that is okay. But I just can’t always do all the things. And even I need a break away from the pressure that is arc reading sometimes.

Goodreads and The Storygraph Yearly Reading Challenge

The Storygraph

Well I am quite a bit behind on my yearly reading challenge. We’re halfway through the year but I’m not halfway through my challenge. Even so I expect to catch up after the Summer.

5 Books I Think Will Be 5 Star Reads For Me

Book Read Rating
The City We BecameYes 5 stars
The Year of the Witchingxx
The Outlaws Scarlett and BrowneYes 4 stars
The Book of Dragons xx
Men at Arms xx

I’m reading Men at Arms at the moment of reading this so I am hoping to finish that this month. And the book of dragons and the year of witching should happen after the Summer, near Halloween.

Turtle Recall Reading Challenge

My own Discworld reading challenge. My goal was to read level 3, 11-15 books.

Tut. Still at 1. Though if I finish Men at Arms it will be 2…

Let Us Read Middle Grade

Another of my reading challenge. I’m at 6 which is really not enough since I wanted to read over 30. And my reviewing has not been all that grand.

2021 SFF Badge Collection

Not showing the fancy badges this time around but I’ve scored 14 out of 20. Doing pretty well still here.

Debut Author Challenge

This hasn’t changed much. Four read and only 3 reviewed.

The Diversity Reading Challenge

I’ve read 4 monthly themes of the minimum of 5 that I want so that is pretty good.

Pop Sugar Reading Challenge

I’ve hit 14 of the 40 of the normal challenges. And 6 of the 10 advanced challenges. I don’t really think I’ll complete this. I mean, most of the books that would fit some of the prompts I’m not getting to or I am not interested in. Oh well.

Anderwereld Reading Challenge

Anderwereld is a Dutch second-hand book store that has a whole online community on facebook. They have been hosting a yearly prompt reading challenge for a few years now. I’ve joined on and off.

I’m at 15 of the 25 prompts which is going pretty well.

9 thoughts on “Reading Challenges and Goals | Quarter 2

  1. Nicely done on the SFF Badge challenge! And thanks for the reminder that I can update my graphic, I’ve been forgetting to do that.

    I’m not going to be finishing the Popsugar Challenge, either. (At least I don’t think so.) There’s just a lot of prompts that I can’t think of books for that I want to read right now. Of course, with mood reading that is subject to change, so who knows?

    Here’s to a relaxing summer! Focusing on things other than reading challenges is completely understandable.

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  2. Ik ben eigenlijk blij dat ik dit jaar geen specifieke challenges doe want het gaat nog steeds super moeizaam. Niet alleen het lezen hoor. Er ligt hier immers een hele lijst met foto’s die ik wil maken voor Instagram. De lijst blijft langer worden maar ik ben er nog steeds niet aan toegekomen. Hetzelfde met de stapel boeken die ik wil lezen, blog -en knutselinspiratie. Al een geluk dat die zaken niet weglopen. Tegen dat er meer energie is heb ik alleszins voldoende inspiratielijstjes klaarliggen om uit te werken.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ja foto’s voor bookstagram gaat mij ook niet echt goed af. Daarom had ik ook een tijdje een hiatus. En ik heb nu nog steeds geen nieuwe foto’s gemaakt maar gebruik gewoon foto’s die ik maak voor mijn book haul blog. #oops


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