Dancing out of June 2021

Ah June from heat waves to cold and rain, it depicted a very wish washy kind of month. And that is how my month felt too. From a week where I read a lot I went to weeks of reading nothing at all. I’m kind of amazed I still managed 8 to be honest.

reading challenge 2021

The Numbers

In JuneI read a total of 8 books which makes the total of 2021 53 books read.
Of the 8 books 6 books were fantasy, 1 book was sci-fi and 1 book was contemporary.
Out of the 30days of June I read 11 days which amounted to a total of 2400 pages.
The rating average of this month was 3.8.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel
  1. A Master of Djinn (Dead Djinn Universe 1) by P. Djeli Clark | 5 stars | ARC
  2. Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn | 3 stars
  3. In the Ravenous Dark by A.M. Strickland | 3 stars | ARC
  4. Hard Reboot by Django Wexler | 4 stars | ARC | Novella
  5. The Lost Plot (The Invisible Library 4) by Genevieve Cogman | 4 stars
  6. The Parfum Tournament (Duftapotheke 4) by Anna Ruhe | 4 stars
  7. Witches Get Stitches (Stay a Spell 3) by Julliette Cross | 4 stars | ARC
  8. Fire with Fire by Destiny Soria | 4 stars | ARC  
personal 2021

⌘ So last last month (end of may) I got my birthmark removed on the inside of my elbow which went fine but the stitches were another matter. I got one taken out of the three big ones and the wound almost popped back open. So i had to keep them for another few days which was really irritating because my body wanted them out. And then even the second time the wound was barely closed. Probably because of the place as you move your elbow a lot. But over time it has healed decently. When it itches I rub it in with olive oil which helps so much better than any of those creams to buy.

⌘ My parents came to visit for a week. They hadn’t been here in almost a year because of covid so that was nice. Too bad Merijn got a bit sick from the heat.

⌘ I also ended up sick. A cold just prior to my period and then I got hit with an ear infection. My ear still is a bit closed.

⌘ I’ve been prepping a lot for the market which is next weekend and oh my gosh anxious and excited. Seriously. But because of that it will still be a bit quiet here. I’ll sit down for reviews and things after the market.

⌘ Merijn will start his summer vacation at the end of this coming week. So reading might again be pretty hard for me. Fingers crossed it will be a better Summer than last year where he had such a hard time with being out of his normal structure.

on the blog 2021

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A Master of Djinn (Dead Djinn Universe 1) by P. Djeli Clark | ARC

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⌘ Cande from Cande reads shares 10 books by Mexican-American authors to read this Pride.

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8 thoughts on “Dancing out of June 2021

  1. How exciting for selling at the market! 🙌🙌🙌

    Happy to hear the birthmark removal ended up being okay. 😊

    Your low average of eight books is now my high average, so you are doing better than me! 😏

    I hope the weather doesn’t get too hot this month. 😛

    Here’s to a good, but hopefully wonderful, July. 🌞

    Liked by 1 person

  2. De markt is ondertussen al achter de rug vermits ik weer een immense blogfeed-achterstand heb opgelopen. Daar zou ik zelf ook zenuwachtig voor geweest zijn omdat het eens iets helemaal anders is om aan de andere zijde van zo’n kraam te staan. Het was wat ver om er naar toe te komen dus heb ik maar van thuis uit voor je zitten duimen dat je de hele dag droog weer zou hebben.

    Liked by 1 person

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