Quick Fire Fantasy Book Tag 2021

During Wyrd and Wonder I was a little out of it. As I was browsing some older posts I saw Tammy’s post with the quick fire fantasy book tag. It was created by The Bookworm Reader. Tammy filled it in, in 2020 and again this 2021. I thought it was a good idea to look back at a year since wyrd and wonder like that too. But Wyrd and Wonder is another year from now. And I thought it would be good to have filled it in once before next year.

5 star book

My most recent 5 star read was A Master of Djinn. I just really love this world.

Always Going to Recommend

This was such a good historical fantasy and it deserves so much more attention.

Own It but Haven’t Read It Yet

Surprisingly I haven’t read the conclusion to The Trails of Apollo yet. I know.

Would Read Again

Would totally read Amari again ❤

In Another World

Back on Earth

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