Show Your Bujo Theme | May 2021

I’m a little late to the party with this blog post but that just seems to be the general point I am at, at the moment.

My Bujo Theme for May was:


I don’t know how I came to this theme but it happened and it was certainly a lot of fun!

So this is the cover page with the base colors and a hint at unicorns. with May hand lettered.

I really like this mood tracker with the horn of an unicorn to fill in every day. I kept the daily gratitude next to it very simple.

Two habit trackers where I color in the unicorn with wether or not I did it or not. Which is fun to see come together.

Not overly fond of the pages/books read page. I like the drawings but the fill in for the amount of pages turned a bit messy.

Rainbow with a pink white unicorn for the tbr books.

Later I added in this extra tracker as a goal. As there was no real space in the already made spreads I made the page next to the cover page for it. I used an envelop and a little card that I could pull out.

Filled in

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