Dancing out of May 2021

May was a weird month weather wise, anxiety wise and pain wise. You never really know what is going to happen, right?

reading challenge 2021

The Numbers

In May I read a total of 6 books which makes the total of 2021 45 books read.
Of the 6 books 5 books were fantasy and 1 book was historical .
Out of the 31 days of May I read 13 days which amounted to a total of 2254 pages.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel
  1. The Tangleroot Palace by Marjorie Liu | stars | ARC
  2. The Shadow of the Gods (Bloodsworn saga 1) by John Gwynne | 5 stars | ARC
  3.  The Rogue’s Seduction (Seduction 3) by Lauren Smith | 3 stars
  4. Crime and Poetry (Magical Bookshop 1) by Amanda Flower | 4 stars
  5. The Boneshard Daughter (The Drowning Empire 1) by Andrea Stewart | 4 stars
  6. The Empress of Salt and Fortune (The Singing Hills Cycle 1) by Nghi Vo | 4 stars
personal 2021

⌘ This was a weird month weather wise. It was a lot colder than last year and I was desperately craving some sun instead of all the rain we got. We finally got better weather in the last few days of May and start of June.

⌘ I signed up to do a market with In Line with Annemieke in July. It will be my very first market and I am both excited and anxious. I’ve been spending a lot of time on that. Preparing and making new items for it. Its been taking up a lot of time.

⌘ At the end of the month I got a birthmark removed from the inside of my elbow. Which is a shitty place. It hurt more afterwards than I anticipated so there was less happening here at the end of May and start of June. And on the last day of May I also got my second shot in the same arm so that was a whole lot of pain.

on the blog 2021

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Judgement Day (Seekers 2) by Josie Jaffrey | ARC
Fortress of Magi (Chronicles of Amicae 3) by Mirah Bolender | ARC
Prequel Stories Dead Djinn Universe by P. Djeli Clark
Over the Woodward Wall (The Up-and-Under 1) by Deborah A. Harkness
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whatched 2021

⌘ Castle | Season 1 | Ep 1-13 | Completed
⌘ Castle | Season 2 | Ep 1-24 | Completed
⌘ Castle | Season 3 | Ep 1-24 | Completed
⌘ Castle | Season 4 | Ep 1-23 | Completed
⌘ Castle | Season 5 | Ep 1-24 | Completed

⌘ War of the Worlds | Season 2 | Ep 1-4

blogosphere 2021


⌘ Jess from Jessticulates talks about the best fantasy siblings. She also asks where the Welsh stories are.
⌘ Imyril from There is Always Room for One more is challenging us with picking Desert Island Reads. She shares adult fantasy in fantasy debuts you may have missed part 1.
⌘ Mervih from Mervih’s Book Reviews shares Finnish authors and books.

Linked up 2021

This monthly wrap up will be linked up with the monthly one by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction. This so we can blog hop to each others wrap ups easier.

9 thoughts on “Dancing out of May 2021

  1. Love your art, the colors are always so vibrant and pretty! I especially love the mermaid at the top of this post. Also, great news that you already got your second shot (though sorry it hurt.) Hope you’ll have a great June!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gelukkig was Castle er om voor een beetje afleiding te zorgen. Het is echt al lang geleden dat ik die serie gezien heb en ik ben niet zeker of ik ze ooit volledig heb uitgekeken. Ik ga hier volop meeduimen dat het super mooi weer is wanneer je met je creaties op de creatieve markt staat. Zelf heb ik ook heel erg uitgekeken naar beter weer. Die schommelingen veroorzaken immers nog meer pijnklachten en mei was echt een bizarre maand op dat vlak. Alsof de eerdere maartse buien en aprilse grillen nog niet voldoende waren geweest.

    Liked by 1 person

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