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Wyrd and Wonder Book Bingo Results! | Wyrd and Wonder 2021

Well this has probably been by FAR the worst reading month I’ve ever had during Wyrd and Wonder. I read a grand total of 6 books of which one wasn’t even a fantasy. Can you imagine that? My mood has just been weird and I’ve been focused on so many other things. So one can imagine just how poorly I did for the Wyrd and Wonder Book Bingo.

Read and weep.

Prompt Book Read
Unreliable Allies
Asian Inspired Setting
Set in, or by the Sea
Black author A Master of Djinn (not finished yet)
Award Winner
Reluctant Hero(ine) Shadow of the Gods
African Inspired Setting
Fantasy Creature on the Cover
Works in Translation
Latin American Inspired Setting
FreebieTangleroot Palace
I Never Knew My Father The Bone Shard Daughter
Readalong The Bone Shard Daughter
International Author
Magic School
Finish a Series
LGBTQ+ Author
Asian Author
Novella Empress of Salt and Fortune
Indie/Self Pub Work
Pacifici Inspired Setting
Chosen One

2 thoughts on “Wyrd and Wonder Book Bingo Results! | Wyrd and Wonder 2021

  1. I understand how you feel when you don’t read as many books as you hoped. I still say 6 books is still pretty great though!


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