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Posts from Earlier Wyrd and Wonder Editions | #WyrdandWonder

Tomorrow is the last day of Wyrd and Wonder. I’ll be posting the book bingo wrap up then. So I thought it would be a good idea to make me almost last post one where I look back at the previous years of Wyrd and Wonder and what I posted then. I was inspired by our lovely Jorie ❤

Wyrd and Wonder was created by our lovely Imyril, Lisa and Jorie back in 2018. And I seem to have been present for every year so far. I hope I can continue to do that for many years to come.

2018 | 4 Posts and 10 Reviews

Urban Fantasy vs Contemporary Fantasy

This is the first comparison post that I ever did and quite probably the first post I ever wrote specifically for Wyrd and Wonder. I compare the two subgenres of Urban Fantasy and Contemporary Fantasy to see what are the actual differences between the two.

Time to Kick Some Nun-Human Ass – Non-Human Sidekick Part 1

Here I shared with you some non-human sidekicks in some of my favorite fantasy novels.

My Fantasy A to Z

I also wrote a list of a to z of what was fantasy to me. It was easier said than done.

Fantasy Bucket List

I also filled in a book tag called the fantasy bucket list. In it you answer questions like what world you would like to visit or what weapon you would like to wield.


The Smoke Thieves | Bones and Bourbon | Furyborn | The Oddling Prince | Into the Mystic Volume 3 | The Obelisk Gate | The Righteous and the Lost | Reaping Havoc | The Lost Path | Ruthless Magic

2019 | 9 Posts and 7 Reviews

Top Means of Transportation in Fantasy

Here I am looking at some all time favorite means of transportations in fantasy books! How about some cloud surfing?!?

Fantasy Books That Deserve Epic Adaptations like HP and LOTR

There are many great fantasy books. But only a few get the chance to get as epic an adaptations and budget as LOTR and HP. Think of books like Nevermoor.

Some of my Favorite Fantasy Covers on My Shelf

Showcasing some of the best covers I had on my shelf in 2019 when it comes to fantasy books.

Favorite Books in the Last Ten Years per Year

Here I decided to look back at the last 10 years and see what my favorite was in each year. Also a little harder than I thought it was going to be, but it is great to look at. Pretty much all fantasy of course.

Why I Am Taking My Slow Time Reading Discworld

Here I talk about why I consider myself a Discworld fan but haven’t read everything yet. And why I am taking my slow time with the series instead of speeding through it.

Books for Riordan Lovers That Aren’t Written by Riordan

In 2019 it was released he would not be releasing the next book in May but in October. A lot of people complained. But he had been steadily putting out 2 books a year and I didn’t see the problem. So I made a list of books to read in the mean time that would fit well for those that love Rick Riordan’s books. Pretty much all fantasy of course.

Grimdark vs Dark Fantasy | Going Over to the Gritty Dark Side

Looking at the difference between Dark Fantasy and Grimdark, with a special interest to Grimdark.

Let Us Go on an Adventure to Discworld

I filled in the bookish adventure tag where you use the tag to choose a literary world to visit and explore!

Great Starts to Adult Fantasy If You Are New to the Genre

And I wrote a list of books I’d recommend new readers to Adult fantasy to start with.


The Magicians: Alice’s Story | Monstress volume 1 | Trail of Lightning | The Copper Cat Trilogy | The Ninth Rain | Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon | Witchsign

2020 | 11 Posts and 6 Reviews

Six Fantasy Tropes I enjoy

In which I share a few tropes that I enjoy. One being the reluctant hero!

Seven Books with Magical Realism

I shared a list of 7 books that can be considered as magical realism.

Reasons Why I Love Doing Wyrd and Wonder

I shared my love for Wyrd and Wonder and why I enjoy doing it every year again.

5 Star Books in Five Words

I shared books that I rated 5 stars in a 5 word summary which was harder than it sounded.

Calling All SFF Blogs

I decided that it would be a good idea to create a masterlist of SFF Blogs. So many people sometimes struggle to find whatthey want so I thought it would be good to have us all in one place. You can of course still submit your blog. I’ll be updating the list in June again.

Magical Realism vs Fabulism

I discussed what is magical realism and fabulism is and what the differences between the two subgenres is.

Urban Fantasy vs Epic Fantasy

I was also requested to discuss the difference between urban fantasy and epic fantasy.

The Norm of Gender Constructs in Fantasy

After reading the short story Do Not Look Back, My Lion by Alix E. Harrow I started musing on how gender is written into fantasy books.

The Promised Land of Urban Fantasy for Me in May

I talk about how urban fantasy grabbed me completely during May 2020.

Get to Know the Fantasy Reader Tag

I filled in the get to know the fantasy reader tag because you had absolutely no idea that I loved fantasy, right?

Excerpt Dreams of Thunder

And I did a feature on the book Dreams of Thunder by Christian Cura


Shorefall | Discworld’s Imaginarium | Iron Cast | The Ten Thousand Doors of January | Drowned Country | Mercy Thompson books 1-3

5 thoughts on “Posts from Earlier Wyrd and Wonder Editions | #WyrdandWonder

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  2. How did I miss this beautiful s/o !? I’m so sorry this is the first I’ve seen this post but in my defence I have no idea how I accomplished what I did last May as it was my first year back to working full-time. I’m honoured you took inspiration from something I shared and made it your own! I love these kinds of posts myself and although I’ve disclosed my reviews, I never had the chance to disclose a full recapture of the ‘other’ content I’ve shared which is something I need to remedy this year! So, the inspiration has come back to me with this post and I am grateful for it.

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