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Six Years A Dance With Books | Stats and a Small Giveaway

It has been six years since I created this blog. Still going strong. It isn’t always very easy. Life can really get in the way. And 2020 was such a weird year for many of us. I don’t think that last year around this time I was still considering that Covid-19 would still be as big apart of our lives as it still is today. I didn’t even mention it last year, haha.

Lets get into some overal stats and 2020 stats. As you will see if you compare it to the stats I had in 2019, I am still growing. Don’t let anyone tell you that blogs are a dying breed. We are not. People clearly still visit us.

I filled in these stats on May 6th.

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An interesting collection of posts and it puts Kal’s How to Refresh Evergreen Content into an even better perspective, doesn’t it? This is something I want to do this Summer. I am thinking about posting less throughout July and August (or plan ahead as much as possible in June) and going through older posts like these. I think I might also delete those sunday posts I did before my monthly wrap ups. A lot of that is just not relevant anymore.

Small Giveaway

So for these 6 years I have a small goodies package. A quote card from the Random Acts of Kindness book. It is signed by the author. A quote card from Letters and Lights. A quote card from Dutch publisher Blossom Books. A tiny black book mark and a funny rabbit. And I made a bookshelf bookmark and am giving away a set of bookish stickers.

So what do you have to do?

Leave a comment below with your favorite post on A Dance with Books and why~!

This will be open until June 20th.

12 thoughts on “Six Years A Dance With Books | Stats and a Small Giveaway

  1. Congrats on six years! *throws confetti* Here’s to another hopefully wonderful six years of blogging. πŸ˜‰ I’m not sure I have a favorite post of yours. Does a type of post count? I love seeing your bullet journals each month (and I’m sure that’s not a surprise at this point haha).


  2. Komt even veel te laat binnenvallen …. “Gelukkige blogverjaardag!”
    Zo leuk om op deze manier terug te blikken op 6 jaar bloggen. Ik ben zelf ook aan het nadenken over een winactie voor mijn blogverjaardag van deze zomer. Maar ik moet nog even zien wat er haalbaar is. Sowieso eerst nog even werk maken van een aankondigingspost voor de Zomerpost-actie

    Liked by 1 person

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