Show Your Bujo Theme | April 2021

We are already in May so it is about time to look back at my bujo from April.

I don’t know about you guys but i’ve been struggling keeping up with my bujo for more than once a week. And when I do that, I have forgotten half my moods by the time I fill it in. I need to work it better back into my routine. It doesn’t have to be daily but every other day or so. Anyone have any tips for that?

In any case, my bujo theme of April was:

Winnie the Pooh

I don’t even know how I settled on that but here we are. I did take a different approach than usual. Normally I color everything in but this time around I haven’t. I kept it fairly white. I don’t know if I like it. You be the judge of that.

So here is my cover page with some cutesy heads of Winnie the Pooh characters. Some of them worked, others did not. I found some stickers and things for my bujo I’ve gotten from friends over the years that I hadn’t used yet so I used some of those here. Like where I wrote April over. Just for a bit of color element.

Pooh is eating all the bees honey which is a mood all in itself so that had to be my mood tracker. Drawing the honey cubes was surprisingly hard. And for my daily gratitude I just drew a cute tigger on a car and glued it in.

Having bees buzzing around a honey pot seemed like a good enough kind of movement to me. And of course drinking would only go for Pooh Bear with all his honey pots.

For my daily reading tracker I drew christopher reading a book to Pooh and Piglet. While Tigger is happily jumping around on the other page where I will write down the books that I read.

I joined the Mythothon so instead of a tbr page I decided to just use the challenge page to fill in books for the prompts. I’m not too happy with this page. I dropped tea on it (you can see the smears) and it just looks boring overall I think.

Filled in

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