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Seven Recent Fantasy Reads To Come and Chat with me About | #TopTenTuesday 287 | #WyrdandWonder

Gosh is it already May4th?

I know for many this is Star Wars Day but for most people in the Netherlands it is rememberance day, where we remember the victims of the second world war (and all other wars these days as well). It always gives off a bit of a different feel when people are shouting about Star Wars Day for me.

In any case this week we are talking about our recent reads for top ten tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl). I am specifying it to Recent Fantasy Reads. Reviews for some of these are up already. For some others they are still coming this month.


– Mort

Mort (Death 1|Discworld 4) by Terry Pratchett | Reread
My most recent finished read was Mort, the April readalong book for Turtle Recall, my discworld year long reading challenge. I forgot plenty from my first read in 2014 so it was good to reread it again. Anyway reading about Death’s personification is really interesting, especially the way Pratchett turns it around.

“Why is it that all cars are women?” he asked.
“Because they’re fussy and demanding,” answered Zee.
“Because if they were men, they’d sit around and complain instead of getting the job done,” I told him.”

– Silver Borne

Silver Borne and Frost Burned (Mercedes Thompson 5 and 7) by Patricia Briggs
Idiot that I am, I read MT 6 two months or so ago, thinking I had read 5. I had not. So I recently picked up 5 and added 7 right after so at least I was on top of the ones that I owned). Mercedes Thompson is always good to sink your teeth in. Shifters, werewolves, vampires and everything else!

“Do they always flirt with biblical quotes?” Asil asked Tad.

In long-suffering tones, Tad said, “They can flirt with the periodic table or a restaurant menu. We’ve learned to live with it. Get a room you guys.”

– Frost Burned

The City We Became (Great Cities 1) by N.K. Jemisin
One of my favorites of the year so far. The City We Became had such an unique concept and layered characters, it was great.

“People who say change is impossible are usually pretty happy with things just as they are.”

– The City We Became

Over the Woodward Wall (The Up-and-Under 1) by A. Deborah Baker
Over the Woodward Wall dissapointed me a little because I just have high expectations of Seanan McGuire (Baker is another penname). I thought it tried too hard in the whymsical bits but even so, quotes like the below still hit home.

“Sometimes anger is a good, true thing, because the world is so often unfair, and unfairness deserves to be acknowledged. But all too often, anger is another feeling in its Sunday clothes, sadness or envy or–most dangerous of all–fear.”

– Over the Woodward Wall

The Monstrous Citadel and Fortress of Magi (Chronicles of Amicae 2 & 3) by Mirah Bolender
I read the first book a few years ago and was very taken by the concept and the characters. I still am. The Monstrous Citadel was awesome for the relationship between two characters but Fortress of Magi fell short in the deliverance of closure.

Have you read any of these books? Do you want to? Drop into the comments and let me know!

35 thoughts on “Seven Recent Fantasy Reads To Come and Chat with me About | #TopTenTuesday 287 | #WyrdandWonder

  1. I recently reread Mort too and loved it! I also managed to get my bf into Discworld and I see him sending pictures of qoutes to his friends, that’s pretty cool

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  2. Love the quote from Silver Borne. I am a huge Patricia Briggs fan myself. 🙂 And I did NOT know A. Deborah Baker was another penname for Seanan McGuire! I only knew of her Mira Grant persona — thanks for the tip!

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  3. I have yet to read Over the Woodward Wall because I loved Middlegame so much and I kind of expect in-universe books to be not amazing, but I still want to read it.

    I always want to re-read Discworld, but so many other unread books I want to read too, it’s a real dilemma.

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  4. OMG you knew just how to get me to want me to read every one of these books: quotes. My kryptonite.

    Also, Mort was such a great book! I’m still working my way through Reaper Man and will hopefully have that one done sometime this month.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I haven’t had the chance to read any of these books yet. I can imagine how strange it would be to have everybody talking about Star Wars when it’s a day of remembrance in your country.

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