Nine Dragons and Fantasy Artists on Instagram | #WyrdandWonder

Since I started my shop account on instagram I have been following many, many more art instagrams, and have been posting more random art from myself. It does feel quite inspiring to see what other people come up with. Like in the early days of DeviantART.

So i thought it would be fun to put the spotlight on some of these during Wyrd and Wonder and it comes to the magical. I though it would be a great start to the month and to set the mood.


Little Dragon Designs | Sculpts gorgeous dragons

Kaiju Creations Shop | Sculpts Cute Dragons

Behane_Dragons | Dragon Illustrations in color and black and white

Little Dragon Designs | Sculpts dragons and dragon jewelry

Other Fantasy

Devin Elle Kurtz | Full colored illustrations with a touch of magic

_Chetom | Illustrator

Till and Dill | Bookish shop with awesome art!

Mandy Lenssen | Illustrator

Who are your favorite fantasy artists?

17 thoughts on “Nine Dragons and Fantasy Artists on Instagram | #WyrdandWonder

  1. Oh these are awesome. I love Devin elle Kurtz’ art style. And that first one is adorable. Reminds me of Krystonia stuff. I used to love those!

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  2. Misschien komt het doordat ik Firefox gebruik maar ik kon de foto’s enkel zien wanneer ik doorklikte naar Instagram. Zo leerde ik natuurlijk wel meteen heel wat nieuwe mooie accounts kennen. Vooral die eerste zag er heel knap uit.

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  3. 🖐 I am so thankful you showcased these shoppes & designers – the Little Dragon Designs is my favourite as I love the look of the dragons they’re creating and how cute they are — portable, small enough to have on a desk or bookshelf and yet, wickedly realistic, too! Wow. Blown away just like everyone else – this was a great feature for Wyrd And Wonder!!

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