2021 Reading Challenges and Goals | Quarter 1

Normally I don’t do quarterly updates on my reading challenges and goals of the year. But it is just one of those years where I think its better to stay on top of things. I haven’t really been in any kind of an easy flow this year with my reading, and I am slightly swamped by all the ARCS that would have usually gone easily next to my other reading.

But I decided it was good to look at everything here and commiserate with everyone else how bad I’m doing, lol. Anyway this post was written on April 3rd so any new reading from later than that has not been taken into account for this update. I’m not going into huge details about each challenge or exactly what I read. I will be doing that for all the wrap up posts at the end of the year.

Goodreads and The Storygraph Yearly Reading Challenge

I’m doing okay. I’m at the moment behind anywhere from 2 to 6 books, depending on how my weekly reading is going. Storygraph always tells me I am 1-2 books more behind than Goodreads though. Interesting!

5 Books I Think Will Be 5 Star Reads For Me

The City We Becamex
The Year of the Witching x
The Outlaws Scarlett and BrowneYes 4 stars
The Book of Dragons x
Men at Arms x

So far I have read 1 out of 5 and that did not turn out to be a 5 star read for me. I cry.

Turtle Recall Reading Challenge

My own Discworld reading challenge. My goal was to read level 3, 11-15 books.
I am bombing it way hard. I’ve only read one book and it was a companion book. But like I said at the top. My reading isn’t as much as years before and I have a lot of review copies to get through as well. All books I want to read, don’t get me wrong, but it does take away from goals like these.

Let Us Read Middle Grade

I gave myself a goal of 30 and I’ve read 4 so far. Not going super strong here either. But again, same reason.

2021 SFF Badge Collection

Doing decent here. Eight out of the 20 badges I’ve collected. The easy thing is that I can put ARCs in the prompts here too.

Debut Author Challenge

I gave myself a goal of 6 books for this goal. So far I have read 4, of which I’ve reviewed 3. I still have to do a review for one but I was in a reviewing slump and it wasn’t an arc so it is just somewhere at the end of my long list.

Pop Sugar Reading Challenge

Is it just me or is this pop sugar image freakishly tiny??? I could barely read it as it is. Luckily I can also fill it in over on The Storygraph.

Anyway for the normal prompts I’m 8 out of 40. And the bonus prompts 3 out of 10. So decent. I need to step it up a little. Some are just a bit easier to fill in than others.

The Diversity Reading Challenge

Here I choose to do 5 to 8 monthly themes. So far I am 3 out of 3 monthly themes so that is good. Right on course for my goal and maybe more. I like it.

Anderwereld Reading Challenge

Anderwereld is a Dutch second-hand book store that has a whole online community on facebook. They have been hosting a yearly prompt reading challenge for a few years now. I’ve joined on and off. So far I’ve completed 11 out of 25 so that is pretty decent I’d say!

9 thoughts on “2021 Reading Challenges and Goals | Quarter 1

  1. Looks like you have a lot of good progress this year! You took on a lot of challenges so it must be busy, but a lot of fun. Hopefully your other prospective 5 star reads meet your expectations.

    I’ve only read one Discworld book for the Turle Recall challenge also, but I think I’m only doing level 2. I haven’t checked my Badge Collection progress in a while, but I was pretty far into that one a couple (?) months ago.

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    1. Haha I’m glad you are the one rereading and not me 😉 You should read Guards Guards soon. The poll is highly favoring the second book for the June Readalong 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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