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Easter Book Swap Unboxing

Like I mentioned in my wrap up post last weekend, I participated in a Easter Book Swap. Kwante is a Dutch blogger who has been organizing multiple book swaps throughout the year. This one was a smaller one. And smaller one means smaller budget. So when you join one of her swaps you know that they are going to be well organized. A few years ago I did the halloween book swap with her too.

I hadn’t done one in a while because money. But this year is another weird year and I thought it would be a good present to myself while also doing something nice for someone else.

The Wrapping and Decor

So it all started with the box. My swappie illustrated the box with a bunny and other very pretty easter drawings as you can see in the gallery above. You know I love me some very nice illustrations.

The gorgeous illustrations continued onto the card and the wrappings! And as this was an Easter swap there had to be some Easter candy and all along in the package. Very fun. Of course Merijn claimed those chocolate bunny lolly’s. I’m trying to keep the kit kat ones from him to eat myself.

There was also this fun bit where one of the Easter chickens, helpers of the Easter Bunny, was complaining because they had to search for Dragons. Since that is what I like. It was very funny!

The Good Stuff

I got so many fun dragon goodies in my box. A very gorgeous pin. A print and bookmark from Till and Dill. And these hand painted wooden coaster that I am of course never going to use and will be added to my dragon collection as well.

And then there were the books. I was lucky to get two books! Into the Drowning Deep from Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire) and Take a Hint Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert ❤

So all in all I got an amazing package with so much creativity. Down below I would like to show you what I did for my swappy.

What I Made

Have you ever done a book swap?

9 thoughts on “Easter Book Swap Unboxing

  1. Ik vond het zo leuk toen ik zag dat je een pakket kreeg van iemand die er net als jij veel tijd en creativiteit had ingestoken. Je weet al dat ik een swap fan ben hé maar ik heb uiteindelijk toch maar besloten om nu een keertje over te slagen. Ik weet nu al dat ik de interactie en het samen aftellen in de groep ga missen maar ik denk wel dat het de juiste beslissing was om even een pauze in te lassen.

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  2. Wat leuk! Ik wist helemaal niet dat er NL/BE boekenswaps zijn. En dan ook nog eens niet alleen maar met kerst, fantastisch! Misschien moet ik me voor de afwisseling ook eens inschrijven.

    Into the Downing Deep is zo goed!! Stond die op je lijstje of is het een verrassing?

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