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Long Term Reading Challenges and Projects That I Have | #TopTenTuesday 283

I’m sure that I have some books I’d throw in the ocean if I thought about it, as is todays topic of Top Ten Tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl). But I’m at a point in my recovery that I don’t need that negativity in my life, lol. Some day I’m sure I’ll happily create a list of that. Now is that that time.

So instead I am going to share with you some long term reading challenges and projects I have. And with that I mean that these take longer than a year. There isn’t a time on it per se. Just something I want to chip away at every year. Long series and the like. So lets go!

Long Series

Discworld + Companonions | 18/41
As frequent visitors will know, I am a Terry Pratchett fan and mostly with his Discworld books. I am hosting the Discworld Reading Challenge Turtle Recall for a second year in a row. (If you haven’t joined, come join us over on goodreads!) But the series is 41 books long, not counting all the companions, and it is a hefty challenge.

Mercedes Thompson | 5/13
Not as long as above but there are still books releasing in the series. I want to take my time but still make sure I continue on. Series sometimes stall in my reading life lol.

October Daye | 8/17
Seanan McGuire is a writing machine. She publishes many books a year, like she does for October Daye! Books are still releasing in this series.

Rick Riordan Presents | 2/29
When Rick Riordan started with this subpress with Disney I wanted to readalong with what was publishing. Somehow that didn’t happen and now I am very, very behind. So I recently made this one of my long term challenges.

In Death | 7/53
You might have heard of a lady called Nora Roberts. Well she writes under the penname of JD Robb too. And this series is hella long. I like them so far so I want to continue along. I own a few and I think I might end up getting the rest from the library as they publish. I can’t quite imagine how much space she would otherwise take over lol.


35 Books Before 35 | 2/35
Last year before my birthday I pledged to read a certain 35 books before 35. I am not making a lot of headway at the moment *cough* but I do need to give it some attention which is why it is one of my projects.

The Great Series Read Project
The Great Series Read Project was created by Caitlin from Realms of My Mind back in December 2018. This is as such not a year long reading challenge but a way to help you keep track of the series you are reading and to help you finish them. Because that is just so very often what we lose track of.

The SFF Countries Project
And then there is my own hosted project which I haven’t given enough attention since the whole burn-out. I just need to sit down and go through all previous read books and add them in my sheets so I can do it by month again.

Do you have any longterm challenges or projects like these?

32 thoughts on “Long Term Reading Challenges and Projects That I Have | #TopTenTuesday 283

  1. I’m trying to make it through In Death as well, though I’m only on book two at the moment. And of course, Discworld for Turtle Recall. I think the only other long-term project I have is to make it through all of Agatha Christie!

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  2. Best of luck with the challenges! I am also working my through the Discworld books (but veeeeery slowly) and several other long series. I’m currently caught up with the October Daye series, but I could so easily fall behind again! And there are many other long series I’m not caught up with, too.

    I joined you on your SFF Countries Project, but so far I haven’t done a very good job of reading books by non-US authors. Hopefully I’ll put a bigger focus on that soon! I intend to, at any rate.

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    1. Slowly sometimes is the best approach πŸ˜‰
      Gosh she publishes so much in a year right. Didn’t she publish two october daye books last year?

      Same for me to be honest. I have so many arcs to get through that it is hard to find room for others.


      1. I think McGuire only published one October Daye book per year, but she also publishes one InCryptid and one Wayward Children book per year, too. And that’s not counting the books which aren’t in her ongoing series.


  3. I love that you’re looking at these as challenges. It would be so easy to walk away from a series like IN Death. I did this sadly years ago after reading a ton of them, and I’m sad I did because I wouldn’t even know where to go back and start again. I’m glad you’re making them ongoing projects.

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    1. Yes it just feels nicer that way. And it reminds me to note down where I am. The books are easy to go into though so you might be able to pick one up at random and see how it feels.

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  4. Wow these are cool. I feel like I should try Pratchett at some point- they seem like Doug Adams, stuff everyone should read (especially if you like humor mixed with SFF). And October Daye appeals to me as well, it’s just there are so many books now in both series yowzer haha!


    1. Yes please do (but I feel like I’ve said that before haha). The upside with Discworld is that you can really just start with whatever book appeals to you. And October Daye is easy to read.


  5. I own about half of the In Death series so far… and it definitely takes up a lot of real estate on the shelves! You’ve gotten a bit further than I have in the actual reading of them though! I love your goals!

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  6. Dat van de Eve Dallas boeken is super herkenbaar. Ik heb ondertussen 20 delen in de kast staan. Waarschijnlijk passen er nog drie boeken bij op die boekenplank ik ben aan het overwegen om de overige delen in de bibliotheek te ontlenen of ze digitaal te lezen. Anders heb ik op de duur een volledige Nora Roberts kast.

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  7. Oh wow! Those are some long series! I have a vague wish to read a book from every country, but I’m not doing so well on that one. I’ve read some though.

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    1. Yeah that is my wish too which is why I started the project. It can also make it easier for others to see what kind of books to read for which country.


  8. What a great idea to approach this kind of reading as project or challenge! I have a couple of authors from who I’ve read everything they published, series and everything else. I once started in Discworld but after book 12 I lost my interest. Don’t know if I will ever finish.

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  9. Yay for wanting to read all the Discworld novels! I have started myself too (I go series by serie and when I have done that I maybe want to go in chronological order too), and besides the Discworld novels I also want to read all the Miss Marples (maybe when I finished that, I’ll just go all of Agatha Christie like Ely) and all of Stephen King. But I LOVE reading series, so I often get distracted by new series I discover or rereading favorites, so I don’t know when I will ever finish these challenges. :-p

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    1. I go left and right haha. I’ve done a few of the arcs and am in the middle of a few others. But also companions here and there.

      Ha yes I feel that. I get distracted a lot too!


  10. Oh, zo leuk!
    Het enige waar ik nu bewust mee bezig ben is The Cosmere van Brandon Sanderson, maar ik heb er waarschijnlijk nog onbewust…
    Wat ik compleet heb gemist is die Rick Riordan presents! Daar moet ik mij toch eens in verdiepen!

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    1. RR Presents is echt heel cool. Hij gebruikt zijn eigen fame om by disney deze imprint te maken zodat minorities met mythologie boeken ook hun boeken kunnen uitgeven zoals hij de kans heeft gehad.


  11. My Newbery Award challenge is my only long-term, although I’d love to resurrect my Reading Around the World challenge. Thanks for reminding me of that one. 🌏🌎🌍

    I have wanted to start a personal challenge of reading David Bowie’s 100 favorite books. I should get the page drafted and posted because I’m not getting any younger. πŸ˜…

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