Show Your Bujo Theme

Show Your Bujo Theme | March 2021

March has already ended so it is about time to start looking back at the month with my bujo. This time I went with a bit of an easier theme to draw for. Considering the mental health year I’ve had so far this year I thought it would be time to go a slightly different route in March. Which meant a lot of greens!

My March Bujo Theme is PLANTS!

No cartoons or disney or anything animated this month. But plants! A little easier to draw for a change and also a good mood changer I find.

The cover page is a simple form with March in it and some plants as a border.

My mood tracker is one of plants with the pots that get colored in with the mood color of that day. My daily gratitude is a letter coming out of an envelop with some plants decorations. I thought that was just a nice something different.

Two plant scenes for my drinking and moving tracker which were a lot of fun to draw.

For my reading pages I just added in some plants at the bottom of the page and put a leaf tracker for my daily pages read. The other end is empty for the books i’ve read.

And lastly my tbr page. I really like how this turned out!

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