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Going to Sea with Nimue | #Mythothon Sign-up

What is this going to sea with Nimue you speak of Annemieke?

Well for the fourth time Louise from Foxes & Fairytales is hosting the Mythothon. This is a month long reading challenge inspired my mythology. This year the focus is on the Arthurian Legend. Now you don’t have to read mythologies or mytology retellings, though you can. The prompts are inspired by elements of the mythology. Click on the below banner to head over to the explanation post.

For this round we have to pick a team. Each team has its own prompt. There is Morgan le Fay (read a book about villanious, morally grey or misunderstood character), Merlin (read a book about a wizard) or Nimue (read a book set at sea). I’m currently drawing a blank at villanous character books and a book about a wizard seemed to easy for this fantasy lover so I am joining team:


There is also going to be a group book which is Legendborn. Which I’m excited about because I want to read it but dangit everything else gets in the way.


So with the group book, team book and 13 prompts, that is 15 books. Luckily you can double up though. If I read a book from listen will depend on what I get to in March and what I do not get into so this tbr can completely change. I have a bunch of arcs to get through so I put a bunch in here that fitted and with everything else we’ll just see.

Group BookLegendborn
NimueBook set at sea?
King Arthur Read a book featuring royalty?
Sir LancelotRead a book from a favorite authorThe Outlaws Scarlett and Browne
Sir Gawain Read a book with the colour green on the coverFugitive Telemetry
Sir Percival Read a book with a shiny cover ?
Sir Bors Read a sequel A Master of Djinn
Sir Lamorak Read a book you think is underhyped ?
Sir Kay Read a book with a significant sibling relationship?
Sir Gareth Read a recent addition to your tbr The Beautiful Ones
Sir Bedivere Read a book with something pointy on the cover?
Sir Galahad Read a book that starts with a G?
Sir Tristan Read a book with a romance that should be legendary?
Sir Gaheris Listen to an audiobook or read part of a story aloud Any (picture) book I read with Merijn lol
Camelot Read a book set in a place you’ve never visited ?

9 thoughts on “Going to Sea with Nimue | #Mythothon Sign-up

  1. >There is also going to be a group book which is Legendborn.
    OH YESSS I LOVE LEGENDBORN. Whenever someone mentions it on the internet I get so excited because it is so good.

    Liked by 1 person

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