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Books on My Spring 2021 TBR | #TopTenTuesday 280

How is it already time to post our Spring TBR’s for Top Ten Tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl)? I feel like i just made my Winter TBR, let alone read it. Which probably does not bode to well for how I did on that TBR.

Winter TBR

Read: The Conductors | Reaper of Souls

Unread: An Unkindess of Ghosts | The City We Became | A Song of Wraith and Ruin | The Year of the Witching | Silver Borne * | Lobizona | The Left-Handed Booksellers of London | The Theft of Sunlight **

2/10 as of March 6th. That is a pretty bad score. But to give myself some slack, I do have a burn-out of sorts and that affected my reading a lot. I opted for some light hearted reads instead of my own TBR at times. *I was also the idiot that read Mercy Thompson 6 and skipped 5 (Silver Borne) all together for some reason. Seriously, how did that happen. **I should be reading The Theft of Sunlight before the month is over anyway.


With everything happening I am at a bit of a question mark for what I want to put on this TBR for the Spring. While I normally don’t put arcs on this list or at the minimum one or two, I feel like that would be a good idea for now. I have many and I will feel obliged to pick them up regardless. And it would be nice to have a higher score. I’m setting myself up for failure if I try to many other things for the time being I suspect.

  1. Take a Hint, Dani Brown (The Brown Sisters 2) by Talia Hibbert
  2. The Monstrous Citadel (Chronicles of Amicae 2) by Mirah Bolender
  3. Fortress of Magi (Chronicles of Amicae 3) by Mirah Bolender
  4. A Master of Djinn (Fatma-el Sha’arawai 3) by P. Djeli Clark
  5. Fugitive Telemetry (Murderbot 6) by Martha Wells
  6. In the Ravenous Dark by A.M. Strickland
  7. Black Water Sister by Zen Cho
  8. The Bone Shard Daughter (The Drowning Empire 1) by Andrea Stewart
  9. The Weirn Books Volume 1 by Svetlana Chmakova
  10. The Tangleroot Palace: Stories by Marjorie M. Liu

46 thoughts on “Books on My Spring 2021 TBR | #TopTenTuesday 280

  1. I like that you keep track of your TBR plans, I barely ever stick to my lists but I’ve told myself this year I must read everything I pre-order or I’m not allowed to buy more books, so fingers crossed I’ll do better.

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    1. Hi I don’t know if it just me but I’ve been trying to get on your blog for the last 15 minutes and I just keep getting a big blue waiting dot? It just won’t load beyond that. I just thought I’d let you know regardless. I’ll try again later today/this week.

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      1. Hi! Thanks for letting me know! I’m tried loading with multiple devices and it does for me. Maybe try again now and see? 😁


  2. I just picked up The Haunting of Tram Car 015! Also very excited for the next Murderbot novella. I personally don’t typically keep to TBRs often either, I’m definitely a mood reader.

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  3. Great list, Annemieke! YESS to Dani Brown! I loved that book so much 😍 I have P. Djeli Clark’s novella on my list today and I’m looking forward to it since everyone seems to have enjoyed it so much! Also really keen to read more of Murderbot (started the series last week, on book three now and loving it)! 😍 Happy reading!

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  4. Fugitive Telemetry- can’t wait. I can’t believe I still have book five to read too- I was so gung ho about this series early on but my reading has sucked lately. lol

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    1. Aw if you have to pick up a book, pick up that one. Despite it being so much bigger than the novella’s , it was still such an easy read to get through.


  5. I’m so glad I didn’t do a winter TBR that I could look at and see how much I’d read. I’m really excited for Fugitive Telemetry and Master of Djinn too.

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