Show Your Bujo Theme | February 2021

I am a little on the late side this month, however I am of course back with showing you guys my bujo theme of February. Every month is different and that is the fun for me.

I started January with Pixar’s Up and I decided to go in a similar theme for February with


Inside Out tells the story of 5 Emotions in the head of a young girl, joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust. You can imagine that things don’t end up going as they wanted it to when the young girl runs away.

The cover page of February where I drew all the 5 emotions together.

I made the memory balls shelves and then kept some white as my mood reader. And I thought it would be fun to draw the scene where Joy drags Sadness along for the daily gratitude towards my mood tracker.

Disgust and Fear are guarding my movement trackers. I don’t think they like it… And Sadness just seemed perfect for my drinking tracker. Water!

My reading tracker has Joy reading to Sadness. And Anger is telling you to read!

And my tbr is colorful with with Bing Bong.

Filled In

15 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme | February 2021

  1. Het is al een tijdje geleden sinds ik hem zag maar ik vond deze film echt goed. Tof om te zien hoe je de personages en elementen uit de film verwerkt hebt in je bullet journal. Vooral de mood en reading tracker vind ik heel leuk gedaan.

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