Show Your Bujo Theme | January 2021

Time to take a look back at the first month of my 2021 bujo. It was a weird month for me as you could read in my wrap up post. And that kind of went over into filling in my bujo month. So its a bit messy to be honest. Still is as I only just finished my February set up.

But lets see what my January theme was!

My bujo theme was:


Up is the Disney Pixar movie where an eldery man is being forced outside of his long time home. He hatches out a plan to fly his house to a place where he always wanted to go with his deceased partner. He uses balloons to fly there. Unfortunately he gets a young hitchiker a long for the ride.

The header page with the characters in balloons.

I made the house with the balloons my mood tracker. It just seemed the most fitting with this theme. And Ely is in the middle of my daily gratitude page.

My other trackers got fairly simple set ups.

And for my reading and genre tracker I used the adventure book that Carl made with Ellie as an inspiration.

And my tbr page with just a quote and a few balloons.

Filled Out

Some expressed they wanted to see the pages filled in as well so here is a small gallery.

11 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme | January 2021

  1. That looks lovely! My bujo (if I can even call it that) is very basic, and it’s not even a bujo notebook, just one with lines, and I’ve created tables around and lists to help me stay organised πŸ˜€

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  2. Ma jong, Annemieke! Messy noem jij dat?! Super chic ja! Echt heel tof gedaan weer πŸ™‚

    Ik loop ook wat achter met mijn leeslog. Januari is nog niet helemaal ingevuld en ik heb echt weinig inspiratie voor februari….Ik heb ook nog niks gelezen in februari, wat ook buiten mijn doen is….Ik probeer echter gewoon mijn eigen flow te volgen en niks te moeten. Komt wel!

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    1. Haha thanks.

      Dat is ook prima toch. Bujo moet uiteindelijk ook iets zijn voor handig in gebruik enzo. Het is ook allemaal weer zo gek dit eerste begin van het jaar.


    1. Ja op een of andere manier denk ik vaak dat ik het simpel ga houden en dan kom ik uiteindelijk uit met zoiets haha.
      En jaa Up is zo leuk ❀


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