2021 Bujo Set Up

I might be a little late into the month but I still wanted to share with you guys my overal set up for 2021 in my bullet journal. This is going to be my second year doing bullet journaling and I’ve certainly learned things about what I like for a set up from my first year. I’ve also put different things in my bujo, like reading stats, that previously I would have in a seperate booklet. I’m trying to downsize the things I use because it makes it easier to keep track of things.

This is the bujo I choose for 2021. It is Ginkgo Biloba from the Nicole Neven line. I don’t know if you can get these outside of the Netherlands. Not that well into the different kind of bujo’s around the world. But I like these because I have enough pages for an entire year. I usually keep some left over and that is okay.

Gorjuss Theme

For the first part I decided to use a Gorjuss theme. Gorjuss is a line from Santoro London where I owe some stuff from. I like how cute the girls look.

I used the preplanned index pages for drawings. That is the only downside to this bujo. The preprinted pages at the start. I don’t really need those. So I usually just illustrate them somehow. I don’t really use an index either. I tried last year but I just forgot to keep it up.

My Key page where you can see the colors and such that I use for what in trackers that I use each month. I never know what to do with the preplanted flower thing. I think I’ll glue a cute card to it when I find one.

And my seasonal TBR’s that I do for Top Ten Tuesday. I like to keep track of what I actually read in here too.

And a TBR shelf where I keep track of the books I want to buy. If colored in I did buy the book this year.

Alice in Wonderland with Stats

Next part of the bujo is for my reading statistics, that I always share on the blog as well. This year I decided to put everything in one place. Normally I have a separate booklet for this but I had a hard time keeping track of it. So I decided to put all in my bujo this year.

As you can see with a Alice in Wonderland theme. Somehow that felt somewhat fitting.

Reading Challenges

For this year I also decided to put in my reading challenges. As many as possible at the start but if some come between the months then so be it.

And after this come my monthly spreads.

Do you use a bullet journal? How did you go about setting yours up for 2021?

12 thoughts on “2021 Bujo Set Up

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of drawings! And you are really good at it too!

    I do use the Bullet Journal method, but it’s not so aesthetic as yours. I decided to go by quarter year this time, as I write my Leuchtturm to the fullest and don’t switch by calendar year. So for 2021 I drew up a calendar page with the dates of the first three months, and my planned appointments. And for each month I have three pages I draw up at the start of the month. One for tracking my movement, one overview page for my appointments and one overview page for my monthly tasks and reads. The rest of it is day-to-day notes. Of course every new journal also gets a key page. But that’s about it!

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    1. Aw thank you!

      What I love about Bujo is that everyone can just do it whatever way fits them the best. I used bujo to start drawing again and clearly that worked haha.


  2. Wow, je weet al dat ik fan ben van jouw bullet journals hé. Zo tof om hier heel je reading journal gedeelte te zien want ik ben aan het overwegen om dat ook aan mijn bullet journal toe te voegen. Ja, gewoon na de maand februari terwijl het jaar al een tijdje bezig is want ik bedacht me pas na het zien van Charlotte haar blogpost én nu die van jou dat het wel tof zou zijn om mijn leesstatistieken wat gedetailleerder bij te houden in mijn bullet journal. Tot nu toe hield ik enkel de titels, pagina’s en beoordelingen bij van wat ik maandelijks las maar het lijkt me tof om het ineens het hele jaar door in een handig overzicht bij te houden. Dat gaat me aan het einde van het jaar ongetwijfeld een pak schelen in tijd wanneer ik mijn terugblikpost wil uitwerken.

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