Siege of Rage and Ruin | Book 3 of Wells of Sorcery | ARC Review

siege of rage and ruin

Thank you to Desirae Friesen from Tor for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway. 

 Book: Siege of Rage and Ruin (The Wells of Sorcery 3) by Django Wexler
Release Date:  January 5th 2021
Tags: Fantasy | Young Adult | Family | Powers | Civil War | Empire | Politics
Trigger/Content Warnings: Non-Graphic Sex
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Synopsis 2021

Isoka has done the impossible–she’s captured the ghost ship Soliton.

With her crew of mages, including the love of her life Princess Meroe, Isoka returns to the empire that sent her on her deadly mission. She’s ready to hand over the ghost ship as ransom for her sister Tori’s life, but arrives to find her home city under siege. And Tori at the helm of a rebellion.

Neither Isoka’s mastery of combat magic, nor Tori’s proficiency with mind control, could have prepared them for the feelings their reunion surfaces. But they’re soon drawn back into the rebels’ fight to free the city that almost killed them. 

Review 2021

 Siege of Rage and Ruin heads towards the logic conclusion to the trilogy. It was a good and solid conclusion, and yet something was still missing to be more. 

After having survived the ship Soliton, having control over it and having created a new home for those with powers and outcasts, Isoka returns home to grab her sister and leave her home city behind forever. However her younger sister Tori has created her own life and is full into a rebellion against the empire. Or rather, that one person that send Isoka away.  You can imagine the clash that sisters make one they find each other. 

And it was realistic. This is where it all lead back to for Isoka, even if that isn’t what she really wanted for herself or Tori. A rebellion can’t easily win from an empire when you keep losing people and that was shown. They were at down odds and only because they had people with certain powers were they able to get where they did at the end of it. I have no complaints in that area. 

However if I look at the trilogy as a whole it felt as if there was a certain epicness missing from this specific installment. In the first book there was Soliton and the world on board. In the second book there was the city on the island and finding out more about their powers. This book is a logical end but doesn’t quite have the same feel as the other two books had because there has been such a build up of the different and magic, and that isn’t in this book. I also expected Soliton to have a bigger role to play than it did in this book. 

I also have another bone to pick with Tori for the ending of this story but that is a spoiler so I’ll just talk around it. But for someone so dead set on this rebellion, she easily turns her back on it. 

As a whole The Wells of Sorcery is an interesting young adult trilogy 

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