Show Your Bujo Theme | December 2020

We’re already a bit into January 2021 but I still needed to show you guys my december bujo theme. It took me a bit because of my hand, so I’m playing a bit of catch up this January with certain things.

Anyway, getting down to it. December was the holiday month so it can be no surprise that my theme was:

A Wintery Christmas

Sorry for the bad quality of the photos. December was so dark. Here is the cover.

I made festive lamp lights for my mood tracker and just a nice page divider for my daily gratitude.

For my movement and drinking tracker I went for something cozy, drinking tea. I really like how the tea bags turned out.

For my reading tracker I went for some festive presents. And the genre tracker just a nice box with a festive and wintery border.

And lastly my tbr page. I do like how the snowglobe turned out!

I am honestly thinking of doing a post about what I learned from my first year of bujo and a post about what my filled in bujo looks like. Is that something you’d like to see?

9 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme | December 2020

  1. Very cute! Your sketches are so nice!! I can never draw half as good as this. Like I chose donuts theme for my November bujo and spoiled it so I just got myself a bujo from market which has all the cute trackers!
    How is your month coming along?

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