Dancing out of 2020

2020 Was one the weirdest years for most of us. Covid-19 took over the entire world and affected us all. The police violence against black people came to a breaking point in America and made the rest of the world reflect on themselves as well, though unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have made a dent yet. The typhoon hit the Philippines recently. And there is much more big news that went around the world. But for this post I’m just going to look at my year.


It was a very confronting year for me. It was the year that I committed myself to therapy. It is hard. And I have a lot to work on but I’m trying, and that is something at least. Some things just need to change so that I can be a better and relaxed me and ultimately a better mom for Merijn.

Merijn is just one that I am so proud of. Covid asked a lot of him at the start of the year but he adjusted to the new things as requested from him. He turned 4 at the end of August and he has grown so much. The primary school took a lot out of him (and me) but he has been doing great since October. He loves going. He loves counting and he is learning letters. He is doing pretty great at the moment. We’ll see what the future will hold for him.

I could talk about covid-19 at length but I kind of don’t want to. The whole situation has been hard for so many of us, and the lockdowns even more. As I write this the Netherlands is still in its second lockdown. It wasn’t easy for me or Merijn but we made it through so far so we’ll make it through in 2021.

Despite this being a confronting year I have had some good things. I started a bullet journal at the start of the year and I managed to keep up with it throughout the year. It inspired me to pick up my drawing again and I certainly think I have improved.

This made me finally make the jump to start drawing my own bookmarks and stickers. I created my own Etsy shop In Line with Annemieke. It is hard to combine with Merijn at home during lockdown, to really be able to move out of the hobby portions (which is what it is as long as I keep playing even). But I’d like it to grown more.

I also think I made some progress as a reviewer/blogger. I had some international publishers reach out to me directly to review for sequels, and I was in the acknowledgements of Intisar Khanani’s Brambles. These things made me proud.

Reading Goals

Next to all the reading challenges I did in 2020, I also had some other reading goals I’d like to look at.

Goodreads Reading Challenge 157/60 | Completed

So as you can see I finished this one quite well. I changed my goal to 120 half through the year and still managed to complete that easily. Yeay me.

5 Star Predictions for 2020

Book Read 5 stars?
Tilly and the Lost FairytalesYes Yes
The Black PrismNo X
The Shadow of What Was LostNoX
Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the SkyYes No
The Ten Thousand Doors of JanuaryYes No

So as you can see I read 3 out of 5 books and only one of those turned out to be a 5 star read. I do find it interesting to see what these end up being at the end of the year so I might repeat this, this year. The two books I didn’t read was because of how big they were and how little time I made for them.

Reading Those Series 0/15

I discontinued this goal and changed it to the great series read project. You can read the update for that here.

Mini Goals

Reread Foundryside before reading ShorefallNo
Reread The Bone SeasonNo
Read The Rain Wild ChroniclesNo
Finish the Riyria Revelations No
Read the Books from my November German Amazon Haul  7/15 | No

I shall go hide in shame. 2020 Just was not the year for goals I think, haha.

14 thoughts on “Dancing out of 2020

  1. Lockdown is/was hard. I’m sitting behind a desk at home now, waiting for 8:00 when home-teaching starts, AGAIN.

    I LOVE that you have an Etsy shop, I took a little peek and it looks really great.
    I hope 2021 will be a great year for you. It’s really showing strength that you took the step to go into therapy, I can know 🙂 I’ve done it twice and came out stronger!!

    Lots of love, to a great 2021!

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      1. My kids are THE BEST. They’re 11/12/13 years old so they have to wear face masks, sanitize their hands frequently and can only work and sit in the class in groups of max. 5. But we’re all back together having fun! I’m glad to be working in a classroom 🙂


  2. Hallo, Hallo, Annemieke,

    If you think you bad about how you danced out of 2020 – wait til you visit my End of the Year Survey! I tagged you on Twitter tonight as I was trying to tag the visitors/readers I know whom visit with me as they either comment or hit the like buttons. When it came time to answer one of the very last questions on the survey I was feeling anxious because I had to admit how many books I received for review I just wasn’t able to read this past year. We all have a carry-over some years, but this was one year I had felt so determined to read more than less and it just wasn’t meant to be.

    I left off quite a bit of stuff from my post as well – I’ve been talking about what has been going on IRL off/on all the year through on my blog, I think by the time I started working on this post, I decided to focus on the tallying and the facts of what I accomplished than to discuss what prevented me from blogging or reading more. Though for those who don’t visit me as frequently I did hint towards a few things but overall, I thought, I should just focus on what I did do and leave it at that.

    It also helped me resolve how I had a high level of books which weren’t my cuppa including one in particular which in retrospect was just the wrong fit for me all the way round. Plus I was able to release my Cuppa Book Love Awards and that felt good as the authors will get those tweets in the morning. Similar to Frankie, I was hoping to get mine posted sooner than later… I love how she and I have the same idea about how to celebrate our favourite reads.

    In regards to chucking goals in 2020 – my reading challenges suffered greatly! 😦 I tried the bingo card year challenge and that just was a miserable failure! I thought it would be so wicked brilliant when I started it last year but in the end? Eh. Not a good fit I guess? Maybe I should try one bingo card challenge every blue moon but not monthly!!

    All things considered, I think we all have to be kinder to ourselves for 2020. Like you said, you’re doing what you can to get through as much as we all are ourselves. It just wasn’t the best for reading and somehow I’ve resolved that that is okay too.

    PS: I know therapy can’t be easy… because of what it involves but I congratulate you for working on your mental health and for walking into 2021 with a good outlook for what is coming round the corner.

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    1. Hi Jorie. I hope that that 2021 is treating you better so far. I haven’t seen you around much on twitter, but that might also be because I haven’t been on as much as before either.

      I try not to count all the books too much ( or at least in a negative way). At the end of the day we try our best, don’t we?

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  3. You’re definitely not the only one who struggled with challenges. I was pretty optimistic and overly ambitious at the start of 2020 and set myself a fair few reading challenges and the only one I managed to complete was Goodreads 😂 Welp, but honestly, we all did the best we could in 2020 and hopefully 2021 is a brighter and better year! Hope the Netherlands shifts out of lockdown soon!

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  4. 2020 was definitely not the year for goals, and I think you did great considering everything. I’m proud of you for committing to therapy and wish you all the best with that process (it’s so hard!). I hope 2021 is better for you and Merkin

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  5. Nee hoor, natuurlijk moet je je niet ergens gaan verschuilen. Volgens mij verdienen we sowieso allemaal een medaille omdat we de 2020-challenge behaald hebben. Hopelijk wordt dit nieuwe jaar minder uitdagend en confronterend.

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