Wrap Up

Dancing out of December 2020

The end of the year is here. We are finally closing down on 2020 and what a year it was. But first we need to talk about December which was quite an end on its own.

reading challenge 2021

The Numbers

In January I read a total of 9 books which makes the total of 2020 157 books read.
Of the 9 books 6 books were fantasy, 2 books were sci-fi and 1 book was poetry.
Out of the 31 days of December  I read 8 days which amounted to a total of 2075 pages. My best reading day was December 19th with 581 pages read.
The rating average of this month was 3,83.

Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel

  1. Serious Funny: The Endlessly Quotable Terry Pratchett by Terry Pratchett | 5 stars
  2. Broken Beauty by Yvonne Harink | 3 stars | Poetry
  3. Brambles (A Dauntless Path 0.5) by Intisar Khanani | 4 stars | ARC | Novella
  4. Fae Child (The Fae Child 1) by Jany-Holly Meissner | 3,5 stars | ARC
  5. Warmaidens (Gravemaidens 2) by Kelly Coon | 2 stars | ARC
  6. The Galaxy, and the Ground Within (Wayfarers 4) by Becky Chambers | 5 stars | ARC
  7. The House at the Edge of Magic by Amy Sparkes | 3 stars | ARC
  8. Ancillary Justice (Imperial Radch 1) by Ann Leckie | 4 stars
  9. Hogfather (Death 4) by Terry Pratchett | Reread

personal 2021

⌘ I don’t know about you guys but this was quite literally the weirdest start to a month I’ve ever had.  If you follow me on Social Media you might have seen the below photo.
december 1
At 6.45 in the morning on December the 2nd this happened on the main street we are a side street of. A water pipe blew and opened up the street to create such a large stream of water it hit the first house and then proceeded to blow water over the 4 houses behind that. Which our house was one of!

As luck might have it we were the farthest house of the ones hit and so we have the minimal amount of damage. So far it looks like it can be repaired by a paint job but a lot of our neighbors were not so lucky and have a lot more damage. Two houses had to be stripped completely.

It is still mind boggling to think that this actually happened. I also have a video in daylight (because this lasted about 2 hours) where you can hear it and see it in action and it is even more terrifying than this image.

⌘ I’ve been so chaotic ever since. But have you seen my new headers in this wrap up. They were in November one as well but nobody commented on it. Tssh.

⌘ On December 15th the Netherlands went into lockdown which is lasting until January 18th. Hopefully on the 19th Merijn can start school again but honestly who knows.

⌘ The rest of the month just continued on with the same theme to be honest. Bladder infection, husband’s car window being smashed in on first christmas day, me falling on second christmas day and bruising myself. The list goes on. I’m glad we are almost done with 2020.

⌘ But on the up, I was in the acknowledgements of Intisar’s short story Brambles which I wasn’t expecting. So that was awesome to find!

on the blog 2021

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The Narroway Trilogy by Rhiannon Williams
The Wolf and the Water by Josie Jaffrey | ARC
A History of Madness (Outlands 2) by Rebecca Crunden | ARC
Brambles (Dauntless Path 0.5) by Intisar Khanani | ARC
Fae Child (The Fae Child 1) by Jane-Holly Meissner | ARC
Warmaidens (Gravemaidens 2) by Kelly Coon | ARC

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whatched 2021

what I watched december 2020

The Owl House | Season 1 | Ep 1-10
This is honestly just so cute and I hate that the whole of season 1 was not available to watch. But at least it is coming to the Netherlands.

Marple | Season 1 | Ep 3-4 | Completed
Marple | Season 2 | Ep 1-4 | Completed
⌘ Marple | Season 3 | Ep 1-2 
I quite like this Miss Marple

blogosphere 2021


⌘ Shealea from Shup Up, Shealea has created a free database of 2021 Asian-Authored Books!
⌘ Tammy from Books, Bones and Buffy shares the best of sci-fi 2020 so far from what she has read.
⌘ Nicole from Book Worm Knyts shared some great cover artists.
⌘ Krysta from Pages Unbound talks about being okay with not being paid to book blog.

Linked up 2021

This monthly wrap up will be linked up with the monthly one by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction. This so we can blog hop to each others wrap ups easier.


10 thoughts on “Dancing out of December 2020

    1. Unfortunately when the snow was on our roof for a week in February it showed leakage in our bedrooms, probably a weakness on our roof from all the water that got hit then. But it is getting fixed at the end of the month so there is that. But yeah crazy blergh.


  1. Op de duur moet je wel heel erg je best doen om 2020 niet als een opeenvolging van tegenslagen te beschouwen hé. Ik hoop echt heel erg dat 2021 dat niet gaat zijn en dat het jaar na een moeizame start vooral veel lichtpuntjes mag bevatten.

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