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fae child

Thank you to Inkshares and Netgalley for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway. 

 Book: Fae Child (The Fae Child 1) by  Jane-Holly Meisner 
Release Date:  December 15th 2020
Tags:  Middle Grade | Fantasy | Folklore | Fae | Peter Pan | Alternate World


Synopsis 2021

When eight-year-old Abbie Brown discovers a quiet pool of water while wandering through the woods behind her Oregon home, she wades out into it and discovers she’s not alone. A wild-haired boy in green stares at her from the other side of the water. Mesmerized, Abbie reaches down to him and is yanked underwater.

She emerges on the other side as an unwelcome visitor to the Otherworld, the land of the Fae, with only the boy Foster to guide her. Back in Oregon, a changeling lookalike has taken her place, bonding with her mother while her father, hiding a secret of his own, views the “girl” with suspicion.

In the courts of the Fae a truce has long been in place between Winter and Summer. What havoc might a human child wreak in the careful machinations of beings older than time? And to what lengths will Abbie’s father go to get her back?

Review 2021

 I was drawn to the Fae Child on Netgalley by its stunning cover and that it is middle grade. Interesting to have a middle grade book deal with the Fae as the Fae are often portrayed as quite vicious. 

Fae Child is an adventure of wonder where Abbie learns more about herself and her father as the travels through the Otherworld. There is also the question as to who you can trust as a young girl in a new world. Not all adults are trustworthy as it turns out. Very true. 

The story is just a great one for the young readers to wade into the magical world of the Fae. I do think there could have been more explanation of the two queens and what exactly the hunt does. I know so I could fill that in for myself,  but I’d imagine that young readers can not. The world is also ‘safe’. There is a constant threat but I never felt like there was every any threat to Abbie’s life except on one occasion with the goblins. It feels like a sanitized version of the Otherworld which is fine for this specific story but I wonder how that will carry over into the next book after the ending of this one. 

Next to Abbie we also get the point of view of her father as we learn how he is attached to the Otherworld. While I was fine with his story line being added in I felt that we did get too many chapters on him in comparison to what happened to him. There could have been a little less of that. 

While I liked the story in itself I feel that the ending was rushed and down played. It wrapped up Abbie’s immediate story but didn’t give enough on the underlying story lines that were beginning to come together. It just felt very abrupt. 

Having said that, I would want to read the sequel and see how things play out. 


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