A History of Madness | Book 2 of the Outlands Pentalogy| ARC Review

a history of madness

Thank you to Rebecca Crunden for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway. 

 Book: A History of Madness  (The Outlands 2) by Rebecca Crunden
Release Date: July 14th 2017
Tags: Adult | Sci-Fi | Dystopian | Escape | Found Family
Trigger/Content Warnings:  Slavery | Mentioned Rape | Mentioned Miscarriages | Talk of Abortion | On Page Abortion  | Murder
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A Touch of Death


Synopsis 2021

The four remaining fugitives are now spread across the Kingdom. And with the fate of the others unknown to him, Nate Anteros prays for a fast execution.
Yet execution does not come. After a meeting with the King which leaves Nate questioning his sanity, he’s sent to a workcamp in Argon Basin for five years of hard labour. It’s there that Nate learns what became of his friends upon their arrest.
And as his strength returns to him, and he’s plagued by dreams which are much too real to be ignored, Nate decides five years is far too long to wait …

Review 2021

 Dystopians always take me a bit to pick up. A lot don’t work for me, and sometimes they are just too real with our current situation. The Outlands Pentalogy is certainly a Dystiopan world that works for me. And after having read A Touch of Death earlier this year I finally made time for the sequel. 

I think what charmed me most in A History of Madness is how it deals with certain topics. The world in this series is not very nice. Nate gets locked up but not executed as expected. Because the important people in the world depend on deals and their nad that is what happened. But also what happened to Cat. A forced marriage where the only need that her husband has for her is to create an offspring or two. Rape is not on the page but clearly hinted at. It also talks about how women have to make the own decisions with their body when it comes to pregnancy. 

Another thing I really liked about this book is how we are getting a bit more the history of this world. We get clear ideas of what happened from our society to come to where they are now. And how the Outlands were actually created. Who those people actually are. Especially this bit I am very interested in reading on for. 

Other than that we now get the point of view of Nate, as oppose to Cat’s in A Touch of Death. I think that was a good call to make, to change the point of view. Nate is a very different person and his journey through the start of this book was much easier to get settled back into than Cat’s journey would have been. Nate’s decision also creates more actions. I would like to see more of our side characters. The fellow refugees that are with Nate and Cat. 

Overall though I enjoyed this read and I can’t wait to read on with the third installment.

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