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20 Cool Blue and White Covers from My 2020 Reading | #TopTenTuesday 267

It is December 8th. In the Netherlands the children’s Holiday Sinterklaas has been celebrated and now it is time for Christmas and New Year. If you thought it was bad in your countries when you decorate early, imagine the nags here if you dare to decorate before Sinterklaas is over. I swear this was very much a thing when I was younger.

In any case today is a holiday freebie for top ten tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) and I decided to just share some covers with you with blues and whites.

23 thoughts on “20 Cool Blue and White Covers from My 2020 Reading | #TopTenTuesday 267

  1. Very relatable about decorating before Pakjesavond. I don’t even celebrate Sinterklaas so why would I wait. Let me be haha. Also I did a very similar topic today. I love your picks 🙂

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  2. I celebrated Sinterklaas too! Nobody in the US knows what it is, but my mom’s family comes from the Netherlands and Germany. They brought the holiday with them when they immigrated. I love your book cover choices. I really need to continue that Victoria Schwab series. I liked the first book a lot.

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