Show Your Bujo Theme | November 2020

November was my break month. The month where I decided to take a few steps back from the blog so I didn’t feel as much pressure. In the end that meant I actually started writing blog posts again.

It might not come as a shock that November’s theme was:


November is always sci-fi month and so I felt that making it my theme for November was natural.

I started with an easy cover page. Just the block letters of November with space drawn into them. Okay, maybe not THAT easy but it was fun anyway.

My mood tracker became a rocket divided up in blocks to hopefully create a nice effect. And my daily gratitude has a space background. No I did not write on the circles haha. I just wrote horizontal. I like that effect I think.

For my movement and drinking tracker I went with more illustrations. I had a lot of fun drawing all those space ships. I had less fun with those different kind of bottles haha.

My daily pages and genres read pages looking a little white at the beginning but will be getting more color as I fill it in.

And lastly I made this spread of a line of space between the two tbr’s. I like how it turned out in the end but it could have been a bit tighter.

4 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme | November 2020

  1. Dat is echt een klassieker hé. Jezelf even een pauze gunnen en net dan ontzettend veel inspiratie krijgen. Je bullet journal ziet er net als iedere keer weer super creatief en origineel uit. Ik vind het telkens knap om te zien wat je nu weer bedacht hebt. Zelf hoop ik morgen of overmorgen mijn bullet journal voor volgend jaar op te starten. Het gaat duidelijk weer een last-minute gevalletje worden.

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