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Book Haul 59 | Bye November

It is time for that book haul thing. And surprisingly it is really not that bad as I’ve had in other years in November. Three physical copies is fairly decent I think and I did only buy 6 ebooks. The rest are e arcs. I’m trying to hold myself back here a little.

And that will probably be the case for December too. Unless I get a great amount of gifts for Christmas, wink.

Nanny Ogg’s Cook Book (Discworld Companion Book) by Terry Pratchett
This was a birthday gift from La La in the Library. Thank you so much again ❤

Otillie Colter and the Withering World (The Narroway 3) by Rhiannon Williams = READ
As soon as I saw this in the store I knew I had to jump right on it and buy it so I could finish this fun trilogy~

Hollowpox (Nevermoor 3) by Jessica Townsend = READ
I waited and waited on the Dutch release and sprinted on release date to my local book store and got it straight from the box.

A Dead Djinn in Cairo (Fatma El-Sha’arawi 1) by P. Djeli Clark = READ
After reading Tram Car 015 in October I knew I had to read this soon as well.

Clockwork Fairies by Cat Rambo
As I was browsing the ebooks buying the above I found this and it sounded interesting.

The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz
I’ve had my eye on this for a while so I totally grabbed along with the two above.

Legendborn (Legendborn 1) by Tracy Deonn
Again, I had my eye on this one for a while so when I saw the black friday ebook deal I grabbed it.

The Empress of Salt and Fortune (The Singing Hills Cycle 1) by Nhgi Vo
I’ve heard great things about this one so time to give it a chance.

The Space Between Worlds by Micah Johnson
And another book I’ve heard great things about is this sci-fi. Very curious to read it soonish.

Review Copies

Siege of Rage and Ruin (Wells of Sorcery 3) by Django Wexler
Release Date: January 5th 2021
I got approached and send a netgalley widget directly through the publisher so that made me feel like I have been doing something right haha.

Brambles by Intisar Khanani
Release Date: December 7th 2020
Prequel to Thorn that Intisar is releasing at the start of December seperately.

Fae Child (The Fae Child 1) by Jane-Holly Meissner
Release Date: December 15th 2020
A pretty cover and middle grade will always make me click request.

Warmaidens (Gravemaidens 2) by Kelly Coon
Release Date: December 15th 2020
Looking forward to reading this one.

Reaper of Souls (Kingdom of Souls 2) by Rena Barron
Release Date: February 16th 2021

I might have screamed when I saw the email from Rena Barrons assistant appear in my mailbox. I signed up through a form for the e arc that Rena shared on twitter.

Beginnings (Shadow Sentinels 1 – Prequel) by Karen Tomlinson
Release Date: October 17th 2020

Wrecked (Shadow Sentinels 2) by Karen Tomlinson
Release Date: October 28th 2020

I was asked to give the cover of Wrecked some attention during release week on Instagram and later on review it. So here we are.

The House at the Edge of Magic by Amy Sparkes
Release Date: January 7th 2020

Middle grade with a cute cover. There for that.

6 thoughts on “Book Haul 59 | Bye November

  1. Siege of Rage and Ruin reminds me that I still need to read City of Stone and Silence. And if Tor sent you a thing directly, then yeah, you’re probably doing something very well indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Clockwork Fairies sounds neat, and I like the author’s other work so I’ll have to look for that one! You have a nice manageable haul this month. I don’t usually track my haul on the blog, but I think I probably went the other direction this November. I’ve been buying bookish gifts for others, and I always end up buying myself books along with the gifts, so I always expect a big November and December haul… 😉

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  3. Bravo! Zowel voor de mooie aanwinsten als het feit dat je je hebt ingehouden. 🙂 Tot nu toe lijkt het dit jaar goed mee te vallen qua nieuwe boeken. Ik heb er uiteraard een aantal bij de boekhandel besteld (én manlief heeft zelf ook goed zijn best gedaan) om hen te steunen maar het totaal aantal nieuwe boeken ligt toch wel wat lager dan vorig jaar. Maar er staat hier een Secret Santa pakket op me te wachten en ik weet al uit de sneak peeks via Facebook dat daar niet minder dan vier boeken inzitten. Plus eentje van mijn schoonouders (met Kerst) en misschien ook nog van manlief. Ik heb dus zo’n vermoeden dat december wat meer boeken gaat tellen. 🙂

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