Get to Know Annemieke, the SF Reader | #Scifimonth

It is Monday, November 30th. This means it is the last day of Sci-Fi Month 2020. Normally I would have been up to my arm pits into sci-fi and blog hopping all the sci-fi crew did. But as mentioned at the end of the month, I was on a bit of a semi-break.

So maybe I wasn’t up to my arm pits in the sci-fi dregs but I was still here. And I would still like to send it off nicely with this Get to Know the SF Reader Tag I saw over on Imyril’s blog.

Initially I wanted to do a tag out of the instagram prompts but I just never got around to actually doing it. This is a shorter tag and seems like a fitting end anyway.

The Get to Know SF Reader Tag was re-imagined from Get to Know the Fantasy Reader Tag by BookswithEmilyFox (on youtube though I can’t find a good link) and found on a blog of Maryam The Curious SFF Reader.

What is the first Science-Fiction you read?

Oh gosh. There is this one dystopian series that I read from the library back in my early teens (I think) about a group of teens who survived a virus that killed most of the adults. I don’t remember a whole lot about it but I remember loving it at the time. I don’t even remember the title or the author and have an idea of the cover. Safe to say that I haven’t really come back across it again.

If you could be the hero/ine of a sci-fi novel, who would be the author and what’s one trope you’d insist be in the story?

I’d say Becky Chambers. I love her writing. And as for a trope I’d like something with robots taking over please.

What SF book have you read this year that you want more people to read?

Probably the Revenger trilogy by Alastair Reynolds. I read the third book this year but you don’t hear much about it. He’s known for his adult sf stuff and I saw some of those fans turn their nose up at this being a YA trilogy. Well their loss.

What is your favourite sci-fi subgenre? What subgenre have you not read much from?

Space Opera is probably my favorite subgenre because you get to be in space, yeay!

I am not a fan of military Sci-Fi. I’m not a fan of military Fantasy either. So I tend to not read a lot in that subgenre.

Who is one of your auto-buy sci-fi authors?

Becky Chambers for sure!

How do you typically find SF recommendations?

Book people on Twitter. Blogs I follow who I trust for their opinions.

What is an upcoming sci-fi release you’re excited for?

Of course I am excited for The Galaxy and the Ground Within by Becky Chambers and Fugitive Telemetry by Martha Wells.

What is one misconception about sci-fi you would like to lay to rest?

That sci-fi is only hard sci-fi. Sci-fi has so much to offer and in so many different subgenres. Hard sci-fi is just one of them and is certainly no less or no better than any of the other subgenres.

If someone had never read sci-fi before and asked you to recommend the first 3 books that come to mind as places to start, what would those recommendations be?

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers is always my go to recommendation. It is character driven and Becky knowns how to take you along for the ride on this space opera without making you feel confused.

Second is All Systems Red by Martha Wells. The length of the first four Murderbot books and the voice of Murderbot itself will easily draw people in I feel. Plus for many of us readers we can totally understand consuming media for so many hours, haha.

The last pick is a little harder because it would depend on the person but I think Illuminae by Amie Kaufmann and Jay Kristoff would be a good one. It is big but a very easy read in a format that most aren’t used to. It makes one become more curious about it and it is an interesting story that depicts various bits of sci-fi.

Who is a sci-fi reading content creator you came across recently that you’d like to shout out?

I struggle blog hopping in general, what makes you think I have even found someone new? So I am cheating and pointing at the organisors of Sci-Fi Month (Imyril and Lisa) and the whole of the scifi month crew. You all always make such great content and make me want to read more sci-fi!

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  1. I did love Illuminae but then never continued so I need to pick up that series again. And the Becky Chambers series is so popular, I really really need to start it, especially if it’s recommended for people like me who are trying to get more into sci-fi 🙂

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