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Turtle Recall is Coming Back! | Announcing Turtle Recall Reading Challenge 2021!

2020 Was honesty the weirdest year for all of us for so many different reasons but most of all Covid-19. I hosted two reading challenges and it has not been the year for me in winning my goals. I think for many of us to be honest. The real world has been distracting and keeping us from diving into them, or just unrestrained reading to not have to deal with the world around us.

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So I’ve decided to at least do another year of the Turtle Recall Reading Challenge. Discworld really lends itself for long reading challenges and rereading for earlier fans, and I would love for people to keep discovering Terry Pratchett’s words.

I’m keeping a lot of the same things but also adding in some new elements as I have been asking for ideas in the goodreads group.


Read books set in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. This challenge isn’t to read the whole of the series as I know that is a big commitment. Just hop along reading the Discworld novels. Ones you still need to read or ones that you want to reread.


Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelYou can set your own goal or reach for the levels down below.
Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelAll Formats count
Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelAll 41 Discworld books count
Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelAll short stories and graphic novels count
Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titelCompanion books count as well as they are a part of Discworld. I have also seen books that talk about Discworld and all that. They can be allowed as well, however don’t do this more than once. This challenge is really about Pratchett’s own words (or Stephen Briggs and Paul Kidby (Discworld Imaginarium) count too as they worked alongside Pratchett for a long time).
Kopie van Ontwerp zonder titel Rereads count.

Levels to Reach For

Discworld is the world that all the stories are set in. It is a flat planet (disc) on the backs of four elephants who stand upon the great turtle A’Tuin. The Disc is about 10.000 miles wide. In the middle of Discworld lies the mountain Cori Celesti, and home to the Disc’s Gods.

Level 1 / The Counterweight Continent / 1-5 Books

level 1

The Counterweight Continent is on the other end of the Unnamed Continent and Klatch. It is much smaller in landmass than either of them but makes up for it in its crust that is made almost entirely out of gold and octiron. The octiron is cause of the rare sapient pear trees the contintent has. Wood from these trees create Luggages. Beware if you come across a Luggage. It is home to the Agatean Empire.

Level 2 / Klatch / 6-10 Books

level 2

Klatch is one part of Discworld’s super continent and located on the other end of the Circle Sea. It includes the countries Klatch, Howondaland, Djelibebi and Ephebe to name a few. Those outside of Klatch view it as a barren, sandy land. In reality Klatch has jungles in Howondaland.

Level 3 / Lancre / 11-15 Books

level 1(1)

Lancre is a place on the Unnamed Continent and lies in the Ramtop Mountains. It is a major earthing point for Discworld’s magic and as such you will often see witches and walking trees abound. It is quite unknown how big Lancre truly is because of the mountain area, but mostly of all because of the magic warping things.

Level 4 / Pseudopolis / 16-20 Books

level 4
level 4

Pseudopolis, which means false city, is also known as Psephopololis according to the Discworld mapp. It has a school of magic called Braseneck College that has a longstanding rivalry with The Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork. Nothing much seems to happen here…

Level 5 / Ankh-Morpork / 21-25 Books

level 5

Ankh-Morpork is city on the Unnamed Continent. The name refers to itself, behind walls, and the surrounding suburbs and neighbouring farms. It is partly build upon itself as when the river (Ankh) flooded they just continued to build on the abanded buildings. Ankh-Morpork thrives on guilds. There are guilds for every profession. From thieves to clowns.

Level 6 / Unseen University / 26-30 Books

level 6

The Unseen University is a school of wizardy. The university is set in Ankh-Morpork. The Faculty are mostly filled up by old wizards, and strangely,  one orangutan librarian. The head of the school is the archangelor, a position currently held by Ridcully. Another, somewhat, known figure is Rincewind. He holds various unwanted positions in the school for which he receives no salary.

Level 7 / The Rimfall / 31-35 Books

level 7

The Rim is the end of the world. The Rimfall is the endless waterfall there. It flows into space and takes many unfortunate things along with it.

Level 8 / Death’s Domain / 36-41 Books

level 8

Death’s Domain is, as the name suggests, the domain of Death, the reaper of Discworld. It lays outside of time and space. He lives there with his manservant Albert, his horse Binky and the Death of Rats. Almost everything is in different shades of black. Mon Repos is the main house and the inside is much larger than the outside.

Goodreads Group Turtle Recall

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Turtle Recall
Turtle Recall 31 members
Created for the 2020 Discworld Reading Challenge that will be hosted on A Dance with Books. However as time passes this group will move into just discussing Discworld as well, embracing new and older readers of Terry Pratchett’s work. Be welcome.

Books we’ve read

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Share book reviews and ratings with Turtle Recall , and even join a book club on Goodreads.

In 2020 we used the group for nominations and some discussions. Not everything worked, but I want to move more activity to the group. Having to split things between the blog and the group is time consuming. So all nominations and voting will happen in the goodreads group from now on. All readalong books will have a discussion topic with general discussion questions.

I also would like to use the bookshelf of the group more. We’re also going to host a nanny ogg cooking challenge, a Discworld art showcase, and just general discussion folders for each arc.

Readalong Books

Every 2 months we will have a readalong book. This will be in the months February, April, June, August, October. And in December we will be (re)reading Hogfather again because it is just perfect for it. The nominations and voting will be in the month prior.

Every discussion topic will be started by general questions to take along with you as you read. If you have read the book already or have questions after reading the book, please feel free to post questions to the other readers.

Nanny Ogg Cooking Challenge

This is going to be a new element throughout the year thanks to La La in the Library. I think I will be hosting it twice, like in April and October. I’m still working on how to make it work, but by the time April hits around I should be able to offer more information.

One thing I know for sure is that Nanny Ogg is one hard to please Discworld cook. 😉

Discworld Art Showcase

Another suggestion by a Goodreads group member, and a good friend of mine, is to do showcases of all the Discworld art that is out there. I am thinking of doing a showcase for the already existing art, one for non-members and one for members of the reading challenge. And perhaps post a specific theme every 2-3 months if we have a lot of creative members among us.


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23 thoughts on “Turtle Recall is Coming Back! | Announcing Turtle Recall Reading Challenge 2021!

  1. I’m so glad you are running this again, I failed miserably this year, my reading has been so hit miss, thanks covid. I really want to read the entirely discworld so I’m looking forward to picking it back up in January

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