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If there is one thing that I do very often it is read series. In fantasy a lot of books just end up being series to set up the worlds and the stories. That is just a given. But it does require quite the commitment.

I find it hard to be committed to a series. Not in the last place because not all has been released. And as you can see in the great series read project I have a lot of started series.

Liesbet from Zwartraafje put down some questions recently to answer when it comes to reading series. And of course I got tagged to answer the questions. These questions are translated from Dutch.

1 From which series are you reading or did you read the spin-off series?

From the Seven Realms books by Cinda Williams Chima. I started The Shattered Realms when it started releasing but haven’t really continued with it recently.

2 With which series did the first book not sell you over from the start?

Funnily enough that would be Discworld with The Colour of Magic. Luckily I did read on based on the recs of others. I also was not quite hooked with The Others series from the start.

3 Which series hooked you from the start?

The Fifth Season from The Broken Earth trilogy by N.K. Jemisin. So good.

4 Which series do you have completed on your shelves?

Many. Some unread even. Shh. But I’ll point in the direction of The Bartimaeus trilogy which I have completed on my shelves twice.

5 Which series have you read completely?

A bunch but I am going for The Magnus Chase books by Rick Riordan.

6 Which series do you not own completely but would like to?

The Narroway Hunt by Rhiannon Williams. I read the first book from the library and bought the next two. I recently finished the third book and it is such a good middle grade series.

7 Which series do you not want to own completely but still read?

Hmmm. I’d say Kate Daniels. I bought the first 5 or 6 as ebooks and I have no need to own any of the phsyical books.

8 Which series are you not continuing?

Never say never, but from my 2020 reads so far I am unlikely to continue reading the Wingfeather Saga.

9 Which series you havent started yet are you curious about?

Oh gosh there are many. But I am going with The Chronicles of One by Nora Roberts. I have never read any of her fantasy. Only a romance and a few In Death books so I’m curious to see how I will like it.

10 Which series would you like to reread?

The Others by Anne Bishop.

11 Which series did others love and you did not?

Oh hmm. The Reckoners trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.


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16 thoughts on “Series Here, Series There | The Serial Reader Tag

  1. Zo tof dat je hem ook hebt ingevuld. Natuurlijk willen we de Anderen herlezen. Jaja, we. Ik zou die serie graag ook nog eens opnieuw ontdekken. Maar eerst toch maar even wat ongelezen boeken lezen vooraleer ik aan herlezen begin.

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  2. This looks like fun, thanks for the tag!

    I’m with you on Sanderson’s The Reckoners series. I didn’t like that at all. I also agree with you that I wasn’t sold on Discworld based on the first book in the series—but luckily for me, I read Mort before I read The Colour of Magic, and so I already knew the books got better. 😉

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    1. You are welcome.

      I rarely come across someone who didn’t like The Reckoners series like me. I finished it and now many years later I really wonder why I did.


  3. This is a fun tag. I confess I’ve read very few books on this list. I read The Reckoners and enjoyed it more than you did, but I don’t like it enough to remember a lot of it let alone own it! I’m currently reading The Trails of Apollo now that the final book is out. I haven’t read Magnus Chase — sounds like I should!

    Oh, and everything NK Jemisin touches is perfect. 😉

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    1. The Reckoners was pretty popular when it came out but you never see people mention it now like other books by Sanderson.

      Oh yeay, I hope you like The Trails of Apollo. I still have to read the final book.
      I ended up loving Magnus Chase at the end of the trilogy so much more than I thought I would and I want to reread it at some point.

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      1. I wonder if The Reckoners isn’t spoken about often because 1) it’s more YA/middle grade, like The Rithmatist and 2) It’s not part of the Cosmere. I don’t see Sanderson’s children’s books marketed as well as his adult books, and I’m not certain why.

        I just finished Trials of Apollo. Apollo’s development is soooo good. Riordan is an exceptional storyteller. I definitely need to pick up Magnus Chase soon — but I’ll be reading the Kane Chronicles first, only because I just learned there is a Kane/Percy crossover. Obviously, I need to dig into that. XD


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