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The Anderwereld Fairytale Box | October 2020 | Unboxing

If we are talking about supporting bookstores, one webshop I have been supporting for a while is Anderwereld. I follow them on social media, I buy a book here and there, I’ve been active in their events in the past etc. Back in 2019 I even met one of the owners, Nine.

Anderwereld is a fantasy based book webshop with second-hand and new books. They also have some goodies and they are incredibly interactive with their customers. Recently they also opened a real life store! One thing they also offer is Book Boxes. And for my birthday I ordered one of the October boxes.

I haven’t bought any in the past because the books in the boxes (with any subsription in general) can be a bit of a miss for me. But Anderwereld works with a lot of creators who hand make things, and unlike bigger book boxes, rarely add in merch that has to do with other (popular) books.

The October box I ordered was the Fairytale box. I had a good idea of what the book was going to be at some point and, really, can you go wrong with fairtales?

I got a nice box with Watch Out! Fun Post! on it.
When I opened it I found this nice note from the owners and on the back are the details about what is in the box which I of course put to the side before looking further into the box.
The first thing I pulled was this cute fall book sleeve as it was right at the top. It is made by Annelies from Books Art Liberty. I was pleased because I was planning on getting another sleeve from her.
This is a letter from Ashley Poston which is great fun. There was also meant to be a signed book plate but unfortunately the mail has yet to deliver them to Anderwereld so those will be send to us afterwards.
A looky how the rest looked in the box.
The next thing I pulled was this item by Elve Geluk. I thought it was going to be a necklace but it is a…
Bookmark! Like one of those stretchy ones but this isn’t stretchy. It is cute.
Some seeds!
And then I found this gorgeous. It is created by Dromeleijn. It is so incredibly cute!
And of course the book was the Dutch edition of Ashley Poston’s Among the Beasts and Briars. Very curious to read it.
And here is an overview of the entire box.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the box. The book doesn’t quite fit in the sleeve though and I think that is a shame. On the other hand plenty of books will fit the sleeve and it is super pretty!

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