Show Your Bujo Theme | October 2020

October was full full full. Funny how that goes. But also very stuck on its theme so it might not be a surprise what I went for.

My theme was:

Fallish Halloween

So very surprising right?

I started a little soft on the Halloween front and more on the fall side. But there are hints.
Here is my mood tracker and daily gratitude spread. I like how my little drawings turned out. For Daily Gratitude I kept it a bit simpler but pretty I think.
I like how the border turned out here.
I’m not sure I am a 100% happy with this I guess. It’s a pages read tracker. And on the other side is my genre read tracker. For each book read I draw a bat and color it in the color I have for the genre. But that is not so clear right this.
The TBR pages. They went quite dark but doesn’t that work great for the end of the month anyway.

14 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme | October 2020

    1. Thank you. They do go quicker than you think sometimes. I tend to work on the pages a month ahead of time. But you have to do what works best for you šŸ™‚


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